My Property FAQs

My Property – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a survey for my property?

If there is a registered survey of your property it will be available through Land Registry at the following link: .   The Town does not retain property surveys. 

I need more information about my septic system. Where do I start?

The Town may have records related to your septic system. Health Unit records were downloaded to municipalities, however not all records were available. If your system was installed more recently, there may be building permit records related to your septic.

Like most Town records, the Freedom of Information process applies. For more information and to make a request, please visit the following link:  Records Request .

When can I start building a fence and landscaping my property?

New home buyers are understandably excited to install fencing and start making their new property home. It is important to confirm if the lot grading for your property has been certified before undertaking any work.  There are various components for lot grading certification and it is the final stage of the construction process.

It is not recommended that fencing and landscaping be started before the lot grading has been certified and a Notice of Completion inspection has been completed. If there are any adjustments required to the grading on your property, these works may need to be removed or be damaged in the process.

When will the lot grading be finalized for my property?

Lot grading certification is initiated and undertaken by the Developer’s Engineer. The Town does not have access to their lot grading certification schedule.  There are various components for lot grading certification and it is the final stage of the construction process.

Once the Developer’s Engineer has certified the final lot grading of your property, they will provide the Town with their report. The builder / Developer may book a Notice of Completion inspection anytime once we have received it. A Building Inspector can attend within two (2) business days of the inspection request. Inspection booking options are available at the following link: Inspection Bookings.

What is Lot Grading?

Lot Grading is a major component of new home construction. The purpose of lot grading is to provide good drainage away from buildings and adjacent properties for the benefit of property owners. Locations of Swales, elevation of the grade and specified slope (if applicable) are some of the components to be inspected prior to issuing a lot grading certificate.

What is a lot grading deposit?

Lot grading deposits are collected as part of the building permit fees for the construction of a new home. This is a security that is held until the lot has been certified as graded according to approved plans.

There are two kinds of deposits, ones made as part of a subdivision’s development and ones made on a single lot by an individual (in-fill lot). Conditions for release of each and timelines will vary depending on the type of development.

When is the deposit released?

Subdivision: The deposit is held by the Town until the Developers Engineer provides their written certification for the development’s infrastructure and a Stage 2 Lot Grading inspection has been approved for individual lots. Other clauses contained within the development agreement may also apply. We then release the deposit to the Developer that paid it.

In-fill lot: Lot grading deposits will be released upon approval of the Stage 2 lot grading inspection and certification from the engineer that prepared the lot grading.

How long does it take to release a lot grading deposit?

Subdivision: The completion of a subdivision is a lengthy process. Some development agreements may stipulate that deposits are not released until the development is assumed, which will be several years.

In-fill Lot: Lot grading certification is a lengthy process and is the final component of the building permit process. The time it takes to complete is dependant upon the time it takes for construction to be completed in compliance with the approve building permits.

When will my lot grading deposit be refunded?

Subdivision: Lot grading deposits are released from the Town to the developer/builder. Any entitlement you may have to this is contained within your purchase agreement with the builder and inquiries should be directed through their Customer Service channels.

In-fill Lot: When the Stage 2 lot grading is complete and certification is provided to the Town, our Building Department will process your deposit refund.