Skating & Shinny Times


INNISFIL RECREATIONAL COMPLEX(IRC)SOUTH INNISFIL C.C.(LEFROY ARENA)*Please be advised the elevator at this facility is out of service until at least July 15, 2019.*STROUD INNISFIL C.C.(STROUD ARENA)
7315 Yonge Street
Innisfil, ON L9S 4V7

(705) 436-3710 Ext. 4591
1354 Killarney Beach Rd
Lefroy, ON L0L 1W0

(705) 456-2581
7883 Yonge Street
Innisfil, ON L9S 1K8

(705) 436-3321

Want to print a copy of our ice, arena and drop in program information? Find it below!

Innisfil Recreational Complex (IRC) * Effective: September 3 -April 30

Adult (18+)12:15-2:05pm12:15-2:05pm View Online Calendar
Parent and Tot9:45-11:05am View Online Calendar
Public Skating12:30-1:50pm View Online Calendar
Seniors Skating1:30-2:50pm1:30-2:50pm View Online Calendar
18+ Shinny12:00-1:20pm4:00-5:20pm12:00-1:20pm8:45-10:05pm View Online Calendar
55+ Shinny10:30-11:50 am 10:30-11:50 am View Online Calendar
65+ Shinny 10:30-11:50 am 10:30-11:50 am View Online Calendar

Please email  to suggest other skating programs/dates/times.

South Innisfil C.C. (Lefroy Arena)* Effective: October 1 – March 31

Parent and Tot10:00-10:50am
Public Skating6:30-7:50pm
Seniors Skating11:00-11:50am
Ticket Ice4:00-5:20pm

Stroud Innisfil C.C. (Stroud Arena) * Effective October 1-March 31

Parent & Tot10:00-11:20am
Public Skating1:00-2:20pm1:30-2:50pm
Ticket Ice4:00-5:20pm 4:00-5:20pm
14-17 Shinny3:30-4:50pm
Family Shinny 4:00-5:20pm
Senior Skate8:30-9:20am

Please email  to suggest other skating programs/dates/times.

Please visit  for updated Public/Holiday Skate Schedules and Free Sponsored Public Skating Events.

Outdoor Rinks

Town of Innisfil Outdoor Rinks are currently closed. Stay tuned for details on when Innisfil’s two outdoor rinks will be ready to open next season.. (Innisfil Beach Park & Cookstown Community Park)

Indoor Rinks

Join us for some recreational skating at one of the Town’s  three facilities with rinks.

It’s affordable and fun! Click here for arena locations!

Skating Fees

Family (2 adults and up to 3 children): $10.00

Adults (aged 18+): $4.00

Seniors (aged 55+): $2.00

Students (aged 16+): $3.00

Children (aged 15 and under): $2.00

Shinny Fees

14-17 Youth Shinny : $5.00
18+ Shinny $5.00
55+ Shinny $5.00
65+ Shinny $5.00