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We're hosting a variety of public meetings and surveys throughout the creation of the Orbit Potential & Innovation Plan (OPIP). The OPIP is our coordinated Servicing Plan and Secondary Planning approach that will guide the implementation of Innisfil’s vision for Orbit: a community that will help us grow while preserving our agricultural and natural landscapes.

Orbit Secondary Plan (Official Plan Amendment)

We hosted a Statutory Public Meeting with Innisfil Town Council on March 15, 2023 to review the draft Orbit Secondary Plan and receive public feedback. People could submit feedback up until the Orbit Secondary Plan was approved by Town Council on February 28, 2024. It will require final approval by the County of Simcoe.

View the draft Orbit Secondary Plan

The Orbit Secondary Plan covers themes such as:

  • Land use
  • Mobility
  • Public spaces
  • Recreation
  • Built form
  • Road networks

As a result of public feedback received to date, including at the Statutory Public Meeting, a revised draft Orbit Secondary Plan was presented to Council for approval on February 28, 2024.

What is a Secondary Plan?
A Secondary Plan is a land use plan for a particular area of a municipality that:
  • Is prepared as an amendment to the Official Plan
  • Established more detailed policies for the area it covers
  • Often provides direction with respect to land uses, building heights, public spaces, parks and urban design
  • Promotes a desired type of form of development and infrastructure
Recording of the Statutory Public Meeting

If you missed the statutory public meeting, you can watch the recording (starting at approximately 33:35) on our YouTube channel.


The Orbit Servicing Master Plan which addresses the Orbit’s potential infrastructure needs will be published for public review at a later date. For more Information on the Servicing Master Plan, please see the Public Information Centre presentation materials linked below.

Past engagement and presentations

Browse past engagement and presentation materials.

OPIP - December 2022 Public Information Centre

We hosted a virtual Public Information Centre (PIC) for the Orbit Potential and Innovation Plan (OPIP) on December 15, 2022. View related materials:

OPIP - October 2022 Community Meeting

We hosted a Community Meeting for the Orbit Potential & Innovation Plan (OPIP) on October 27, 2022. The meeting included:

  • An update on the status of the Secondary Plan and Master Servicing Plan
  • A review of the preferred concept including proposed green space, land uses and built form
  • Opportunities for local residents to provide feedback
  • Next steps of the study

A recording of the presentation is available on our YouTube channel. You can also review the presentation slides and drop-in boards.

OPIP - June 2022 Landowner Meeting

We hosted a meeting with landowners in the project area for the Orbit Potential & Innovation Plan (OPIP) on June 14, 2022. You can review the OPIP Landowner Meeting Presentation for details.

OPIP - June 2022 YouthConnex Meeting

We hosted a meeting with the Town's YouthConnex Committee for the Orbit Potential & Innovation Plan (OPIP) on June 15, 2022. You can review the OPIP YouthConnex Meeting Summary Report for details.

youth participating in community meeting

OPIP - June 2022 Community Meeting

We hosted a community meeting for the Orbit Potential & Innovation Plan (OPIP) on June 28, 2022. You can review the Community Meeting Summary Report and Roundtable Presentation for details.

Collage of people engaging at public meetings

Past comments

 A memorandum to Council was released for the November 4, 2020 meeting that reflects comments received to that date.

Ask a Planner: The Orbit Virtual Open House

We created a Frequently Asked Questions page that summarizes the main themes we heard at the Ask A Planner: The Orbit Virtual Open House, and by email.

Initial Stages Survey - 2019/2020

We surveyed the community from November 26, 2019 to January 31, 2020 to get input on the initial stages of development and the future Innisfil GO Station. We reviewed nearly 500 responses and are working to create a draft design that reflects what Innisfil residents wanted to see in the most balanced way. See what your fellow residents said in this Survey Response Summary Report.

Orbit-related Council Meetings

You can watch recordings of Orbit-related council meetings on our YouTube channel