Architect & Engineer working drawing document about project planning and progress of work schedule on the home building construction site.

The Engineering Team’s goal, along with our "One Town, One Team" partners, is to improve efficiency and quality in all infrastructure built within the Town of Innisfil. We update and maintain our Innisfil Engineering Standards annually, and support the Town’s strategic goals and objectives, guided by the needs and aspirations of the community. Our team is split into Development and Capital Engineering. 

Our Capital Engineering department is responsible for the design and construction of a wide range of municipal capital infrastructure, such as: 

  • Roads and bridges Improvements 
  • Sidewalk and street lighting programs 
  • Park and trail programs  
  • Facilities and Master Plans 
  • Traffic engineering and studies 

Our Development Engineering department oversees the implementation and construction of subdivision development projects in Innisfil, including: 

  • Design review and approval 
  • Inspections and project management throughout the construction process 

For all Engineering projects, we make customer service a priority! You can find many of our projects our engagement website, Get Involved Innisfila tool that allows us to deepen our understanding of the community and make informed decisions on projects. 

What is important to us? 

By maintaining our Engineering Standards and designing, constructing, reviewing and approving development, our team plays an important role in implementing Innisfil’s objectives to: 


  • Plan for and manage growth 


  • Enhance movement of people 
  • Enhance civic engagement 
  • Facilitate community experiences 


  • Maintain and protect existing infrastructure 
  • Promote environmental sustainability 
  • Ensure financial sustainability