Step 3: Permit Issuance & Payment

Permit Issuance

Once an application has been deemed complete, and the proposed construction meets all legal requirements such as zoning regulations, the Ontario Building Code and the requirements of other agencies such as the Conservation Authority and the County of Simcoe, the building permit will be issued within the prescribed time period outlined in the Ontario Building Code. This process can range between 10 – 30 business days. 

If the inspector/plans examiner reviewing your application package has questions, or requires further information, they will contact you via phone or email. They will also contact you via phone or email when your permit is ready to be picked up and paid for. Permits must be picked up and paid for at Town Hall, located at 2101 Innisfil Beach Road, Innisfil, On L9S1A1. Once you have your issued permit, you can then begin your project.

Permit Payment

What is the Fees and Charges Schedule?

The Fees and Charges Schedule identifies the rates and fees proposed for specific municipal services and activities provided.  The objective of the fees is to recover costs for services. Additionally, Section 69(1) of the Planning Act R.S.O. 1990, Chapter P.13 permits a municipality to pass a by-law to establish a schedule of fees for the processing of applications.  With approval from Council, the Fees and Charges Schedule is used as the basis for the Fees and Charges By-Law.

Building Permit Fees

Fees are payable at time of issuance. Permit fees are reviewed annually and subject to change. For a complete list of the current Fees (including building permit fees) and Charges, listed by Department, click the link below:

2021-2022 Fees and Charges and By-Law

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