Innisfil Beach Road Rezoning (Interim Control By-law)


Council approved the replacement zoning by-law regulations on November 25, 2020. The full recommendation Staff Report (DSR-182-20) is available related to the decision. The 20-day appeal period ended on December 22, 2020 and the new regulations are now in full effect. 

Council is scheduled to consider a repeal of Interim Control By-law (ICB) 059-19 as amended on February 10, 2021. If the ICB is repealed, property owners within the ICB area will once again be able to apply for building permits and submit planning applications in accordance with new zoning provisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even if residential properties are rezoned to commercial, the residential taxation will not change until they are redeveloped with commercial use. Where properties are vacant (where there are no buildings on a property) tax rates may shift when a rezoning occurs. 

Though expropriation is a tool available to the Town where justified and approved by Council, there are no plans to expropriate lands within the area currently affected by the ICB.

The Interim Control By-law has only put a freeze on development on certain lands. It has no effect on the ability of an owner to sell or purchase lands.  A re-zoning would not restrict a sale.   

Once the subject lands are re-zoned, you will still be able to renovate and obtain permits to maintain your home as a residential dwelling. However, where new non-residential development occurs, it would need to meet the new zoning provisions. 

Properties Affected

The properties directly impacted by the Interim Control By-law are indicated below. Please note that shoreline adjacent properties on Lakelands Avenue are no longer part of the Interim Control By-law area. Further, a change to the Our Shore Community Planning Permit By-law (062-17) is no longer proposed following Council’s direction on August 12, 2020.

626 Lakelands Avenue723 Innisfil Beach Road765 Innisfil Beach Road
628 Lakelands Avenue725 Innisfil Beach Road766 Hastings Ave
630 Lakelands Avenue729 Innisfil Beach Road769 Innisfil Beach Road
687 Innisfil Beach Road733 Innisfil Beach Road777 Innisfil Beach Road
693 Innisfil Beach Road737 Innisfil Beach Road779 Innisfil Beach Road
695 Innisfil Beach Road741 Innisfil Beach Road781 Innisfil Beach Road
699 Innisfil Beach Road745 Innisfil Beach Road787 Innisfil Beach Road
703 Innisfil Beach Road749 Innisfil Beach Road791 Innisfil Beach Road
707 Innisfil Beach Road753 Innisfil Beach Road795 Innisfil Beach Road
711 Innisfil Beach Road755 Innisfil Beach Road2090 Emily’s Place
713 Innisfil Beach Road759 Innisfil Beach Road2091 25th Sideroad
715 Innisfil Beach Road761 Innisfil Beach Road2095 25th Sideroad
* 721 Innisfil Beach Road

* 721 Innisfil Beach Road will be subject to new zoning, despite being exempted from the Interim Control By-Law.

Lands subject to ICB map