Interim Control By-Law: Alcona Downtown Commercial Area Extension

A virtual public meeting has been scheduled for June 17, 2020, starting at 6:30 PM.

Information on participating in and viewing the Virtual Public Meeting will be added on prior to June 17, 2020.

Written comments can be submitted prior to the scheduled Virtual Public Meeting. Please visit for information on submitting written comments. Information that will be discussed at the Public Meeting, including the most recent informational staff report, can be found at the bottom of this page.

We continue to welcome your comments related to this proposal through the Resident Survey here.


On May 8, 2019, Innisfil Council passed By-law 059-19 to restrict development on lands east of 25th Sideroad along Innisfil Beach Road/Lakelands Avenue to the Lake Simcoe shoreline, for a period of up to one year. The passing of the by-law allowed the Town to further review and study the area to establish new zoning by-law provisions that operationalize the Downtown Commercial Area designation of these properties identified under the Town’s new Official Plan- Our Place

Our new Official Plan, Our Place, outlines a vision for Innisfil Beach Road (the main street that connects Alcona to Lake Simcoe), and recognizes the area as a growing destination for the community. As a result, the affected properties were redesignated from Residential to Downtown Commercial in the Town’s Official Plan.

Proposed Draft Zoning and Shoreline By-law Changes

Zoning by-law provisions are needed to implement the Downtown Commercial Area Official Plan designation on the subject properties and to lift the Interim Control By-law.

Staff are working on draft zoning provisions, and considering the following changes:

  • Provisions to support a traditional main street building form with a mix of commercial and residential uses on Innisfil Beach Road/Lakelands Avenue
  • a maximum building height of four storeys near 25th Side Road and gradually lowered to a maximum of two storeys near Lake Simcoe/Lakelands Avenue
  • Enhanced setbacks/buffers to adjacent residential zones
  • Imposing restrictions on some uses (e.g. managing noise impacts)

The properties directly impacted by the changes are indicated on the Notice for Open House and Public Meeting. Please note a concurrent change to the Our Shore Community Planning Permit By-law (062-17) is also proposed, to allow five Lakelands Avenue properties abutting the lake to be regulated under the Town’s Zoning By-law (080-13).

Properties Affected

2090 Emily’s Pl761 Innisfil Beach Road729 Innisfil Beach Road
777 Innisfil Beach Road765 Innisfil Beach Road 733 Innisfil Beach Road
779 Innisfil Beach Road 769 Innisfil Beach Road 737 Innisfil Beach Road
781 Innisfil Beach Road 766 Hastings Avenue741 Innisfil Beach Road
749 Innisfil Beach Road 713 Innisfil Beach Road 745 Innisfil Beach Road
753 Innisfil Beach Road 715 Innisfil Beach Road 711 Innisfil Beach Road
755 Innisfil Beach Road 723 Innisfil Beach Road 695 Innisfil Beach Road
759 Innisfil Beach Road 725 Innisfil Beach Road 699 Innisfil Beach Road
703 Innisfil Beach Road 693 Innisfil Beach Road 787 Innisfil Beach Road
707 Innisfil Beach Road 623 Lakelands Avenue791 Innisfil Beach Road
630 Lakelands Avenue627 Lakelands Avenue795 Innisfil Beach Road
628 Lakelands Avenue629 Lakelands Avenue2091 25 Sideroad
626 Lakelands Avenue633 Lakelands Avenue2095 25 Sideroad
687 Innisfil Beach Road637 Lakelands Avenue721 Innisfil Beach Road
  • Property 721 Innisfil Beach Road will be subject to new zoning, despite being exempted from the Interim Control By-Law

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen with my property taxes if zoning changes are made?

Even if residential properties are re-zoned to commercial, the residential taxation will not change until they are redeveloped with a commercial use.

Is the Town going to expropriate or buy properties?

Though expropriation is a tool available to the Town (subject to appropriate justification and Council approval) there are no plans to expropriate lands within the area currently affected by the ICB.

Will I be permitted to sell my house?

The Interim Control By-law has only put a freeze on development on certain lands. It has no effect on the ability of an owner to sell or purchase lands.  A re-zoning and lifting of the ICB would also not restrict this ability.

Can I renovate or will this hinder that ability to get a permit?

Once the subject lands are re-zoned, you will still be able to renovate and obtain permits to maintain your home as a residential dwelling. However, new development will need to meet the new zoning provisions.

Notice Materials
Presentation – September 10, 2019
Letter to Residents- May 17, 2019
Notice of Passing of Interim Control By-Law – May 2019
Downtown Commercial Area ICB – Open House Presentation

ICB Zoning By-law Amendment (D18-2020-001) – Draft By-law Text Overview
Shoreline By-law Amendment (SLA-2020-001) – Draft By-law Text
Our Shore By-law (062-17)
Town of Innisfil Zoning by-law (080-13)