How Do I Apply? (Applications)

Committee of Adjustment Process


Step 1: Recommended Staff Consultation

Before you fill out an application, we recommend you discuss your plans with Town of Innisfil staff.  Please contact our staff at Staff will facilitate a virtual pre-consultation meeting and provide the application, fee and meeting schedule as well as provide more information on Town by-laws.

Step 2: Submit Application & Required Documents

Submit your completed digital application and electronic payment to the Town.  Application forms and a list of the required documents are available on the Town’s website.



Step 3: Public Notice & Sign

Once your application is deemed complete, a hearing date will be assigned and a Public Notice will be circulated to all property owners within a 60m radius of the subject property. 

As part of the notification process, the applicant is also required to post a sign on the subject property.  The sign will be prepared and provided by the Town and must be posted on the subject property two weeks before the hearing date and taken down one day after the hearing date. 

The hearing will be conducted virtually and all applicants/owners or interested parties will be able to participate by teleconference. For more information on the virtual hearing process click here.

Step 4: Notice of Decision

The Secretary-Treasurer of the Committee of Adjustment will mail a copy of the signed decision to you and to all property owners within a 60m radius of the subject property, as well as anyone who filed a written request for notice of decision.  The decision will contain information for the appeal process.

Step 5: Final & Binding Decision

If no appeal has been made by the end of the 20-day appeal period, the decision is final and binding.  If a decision is appeal to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, the decision is not final until it has been decided by the Tribunal.