virtual team meeting on laptop

Leveraging the various technologies at our fingertips, we are now connecting with interview candidates virtually. In the comfort of your own home, you can meet with the interview panel through video conferencing. Other recruitment touch points, such as meet and greets with other Town representatives, will also take place virtually.

Do you have to complete a presentation as part of the recruitment process? You’ll simply share your screen with the hiring panel and present from wherever you feel comfortable—your living room, backyard, or even down at one of our beaches in Innisfil!

We have also recently unveiled a Virtual Onboarding Program for new employees. Our Virtual Onboarding Program is a collaborative approach to integrate new employees into the organization, their service area team and their roles. It further connects new employees with the virtual touch points they will need within our cross-functional, collaborative group of organizations and to set them up to succeed and thrive. New employees will participate in both a customized individual onboarding program and a "One Town, One Team" onboarding session where they can connect with other new employees across the affiliated organizations (InnServices, InnPower and ideaLAB & Library).