Innisfil, ON – The Town of Innisfil is seeking feedback on three traffic calming pilot projects that ran on Shore Acres Drive, Belle Aire Beach Road, and Maple Road from August 26 to October 11, 2022. The pilots tested several traffic calming measures, including on-road pavement markings, chicanes with a barrier curb and barrels, speed cushions, widened centreline with flexible delineators, and a raised pedestrian crosswalk.

The locations for the pilot projects were selected based on several criteria including speed data, collision history, a GIS-based analysis, road use and type. The types of traffic calming measures were chosen based on proven effectiveness, cost, and suitability for the location.

“We know that traffic safety affects quality of life and is incredibly important to Innisfil residents,” says Mayor Lynn Dollin. “We’re looking forward to hearing from residents about the traffic calming measures they support and think were most effective during the pilot projects.”

The information gathered through the online survey will help inform the Town’s traffic calming strategy, which will also include:

  • A hotspot analysis to determine key locations for traffic calming measures
  • A review of traffic calming best practices and emerging technologies
  • A design guide for traffic calming
  • Recommendations for policy updates and development
  • A ten-year traffic calming program

Innisfil residents can learn more about the pilot projects and complete the online survey before November 21, 2022 on the Get Involved Innisfil project page