Innisfil, ON – The Town of Innisfil is seeking resident input on a pilot project currently underway aimed at informing the Town on ways to improve the waste removal services provided in our parks and public spaces.

In partnership with Digital Trust for Places and Routines (DTPR), the Town is participating in a project cohort along with Boston, Massachusetts, Washington, DC and Angers, France, to pilot the use of technology in community spaces.

“This pilot project is truly innovative allowing the Town to capture real-time data from people in our parks and public spaces on how new technologies can help us better manage our waste collection,” says Mike Melinyshyn, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Corporate Services & Innovation, Town of Innisfil. “Through this project, we are asking people to scan a QR code located on signs around the park and share their feedback on our deployment of the new technology, how the data captured is being used and their overall experience understanding the technology.”

The data gathered will be done through a five-minute in-person survey with Town of Innisfil staff and the information collected is completely anonymous. DTPR includes a visual system of signs and icons posted around technologies in public spaces, such as traffic sensors or air quality sensors, or in the Town of Innisfil’s case, bin sensors to assess the level of garbage. The signs let people know what data the technology is collecting, who’s collecting it, and what the data is being used for.

Town staff will be on site at Innisfil Beach Park between August 8 to 19 at varying hours to seek your input and answer questions on the use of this technology and how it can improve our services. While scanning the QR code is best done on your own mobile device, the Town will have devices for you to use to complete the survey.