Innisfil, ON – Just in time for winter, a new snow clearing robot will be joining the Cookstown community to help clear sidewalks for residents.

The Town of Innisfil is partnering with Swap Robotics to pilot an exciting and environmentally sustainable venture. Residents will notice the robot out on our sidewalks using its v-mounted plows and onboard salt to clear sidewalks. The onboard suite of technology uses sensors and pin-point GPS to navigate a network of sidewalks. As the pilot begins, you will see the snowbot accompanied by human chaperones. The Town is looking forward to testing this new technology in this real municipal setting and exploring how it may shape sidewalk maintenance in the future.

To officially welcome the snow-clearing robot to Cookstown, the Town is asking residents for suggestions to help name the robot. A panel of judges will ultimately decide on the top name for the robot, and the resident who suggested the name will receive a $100 gift card to a local restaurant of their choice.

“We hope that naming the robot will bring a sense of ownership to the Cookstown community,” said Innisfil Mayor Lynn Dollin. “We’re excited to utilize this technology in this pilot project to help keep our sidewalks clear of snow for pedestrians.”

The robot, which is being developed by Swap Robotics, the world leader in sidewalk snow plowing, salting and grass cutting robots, has arrived in Innisfil for testing and training, and will be ready to roll out when the snow flies later this fall.

“Innisfil will be the first Canadian town to implement 100% electric, sidewalk robots for snow and ice management,” said Tim Lichti, Founder & CEO of Swap Robotics. “They have been extremely welcoming of the technology and we look forward to working with the Town to make the transition to environmentally sustainable municipal equipment.”

For more information, and to submit a name suggestion, visit Get Involved Innisfil

About Swap Robotics

Swap Robotics is the world leader in outdoor robotics for multiple work purposes. They are actively engaged with regulators at the national, provincial and municipal levels, and provide leadership in how to effectively regulate sidewalk robots for work purposes.