A poster for Raising Angel Capital Workshop - DMZ Innisfil All Access Events

Join us for an insightful and interactive workshop that will empower you to confidently approach angel investors and secure the funding your start-up needs! 

Event Overview

The Raising Angel Capital Workshop is a comprehensive session aimed at equipping business founders with the practical knowledge and tools needed to secure angel capital for their start-ups. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this workshop will provide valuable insights into the world of angel investing.

  • Date: April 3, 2024
  • Time: 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • Location: In-person event at 8000 Yonge St. in Innisfil

Who should attend?

  • Founders: Those looking to raise capital for their ventures
  • Entrepreneurs: Individuals seeking funding to scale their businesses
  • Business Advisors: Professionals advising start-ups on financial matters
  • Mentors: Experienced individuals guiding early-stage companies

Workshop Highlights

  • Understanding Angel Investors: Learn what angel investors look for in potential investments
  • Assessing Angel Readiness: Evaluate your opportunity’s readiness for angel funding
  • Key Documents Preparation: Build a strategic plan for creating essential documents that resonate with angel investors
  • Identifying Angel Investors: Discover effective ways to find and connect with potential backers
  • Navigating the Fundraising Process: Gain practical insights on successfully navigating the fundraising journey

Interactive Learning

This workshop goes beyond theory. Through role-play exercises based on real-world case studies, participants will actively engage with the material and learn how to apply these concepts to actual scenarios.

Additional Case Studies (approximately one hour each)

  1. What Are Angel Investors Looking For? Participants assume the role of angel investors and assess a typical real-life situation.
  2. Designing a Term Sheet: Negotiating the Deal. Participants design and negotiate a term sheet, considering the form of investment, the impact on the cap table, and the pre-money valuation.
  3. Navigating Fundraising Pitfalls: A Case Study. Participants tackle a series of issues in a case study of a fundraising process gone sideways:
    • Finding the right angel investors (screening investors)
    • Goal-setting for pitching subsequent meetings
    • Understanding the importance of momentum
    • Strategies for successfully closing the funding round

Featured Speakers

Meet the featured speakers:

  • Michael Badham: Angel investor and seasoned entrepreneur
  • Stuart Morley: Financial strategist and mentor to start-ups