Effective 2022, there are no longer any capped class adjustments for properties in the Town of Innisfil. “Capping” previously applied to Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Residential property tax classes. As part of the Tax Levying By-law, staff are proposing a change in due dates starting in 2023 to align with the Town’s other property tax classes. 

Proposed due dates 

Previously, capped class property owners paid their final tax billing installments at the end of August and the end of October. The proposed new due dates starting in 2023 will be at the end of June and the end of September.  

These proposed dates are subject to Town Council approval when the related Tax Levying By-laws are approved in 2023. Subscribe to this page to receive updates.  


Since 1997, Provincial legislation (Bill 79 and Bill 140) has been in place to protect property owners assessed in the Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Residential property tax classes (capped classes) from large tax increases due to property tax reform. This resulted in final property tax bills for the capped classes being due for payment later in the year than uncapped properties. Effective in 2022, capping is no longer a consideration across Simcoe County, and all property tax classes can be billed at the same time with the same due dates—just as it was before capping.  

Why are we making this change? 

There are many reasons why we’re proposing a change in due dates for capped class properties: 

  • Fairness – all property owners have the same tax due dates, regardless of the type of property class that they own 
  • Consistency – Many other lower-tier Simcoe County municipalities made this change in 2022 or are considering it in 2023
  • Communication – Only one message is sent to property owners about due dates
  • Efficiencies – A single billing process makes the ongoing reconciliation of accounts easier
  • Process improvements – With a single set of due dates, we can process the adjustments that property owners are entitled to in a timelier fashion
  • Greater standardization – Properties of mixed-class assessment (a property with both uncapped and capped class assessment) no longer must wait to be billed until the later date 

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