WHEREAS, bullying is physical, verbal, sexual, or emotional harm or intimidation intentionally directed at a person or group of people; and

WHEREAS, bullying occurs in neighbourhoods, playgrounds, schools, and online through technology; and

WHEREAS, various researchers have concluded that bullying is the most common form of violence, affecting millions of American children and adolescents annually; and

WHEREAS, thousands of children and adolescents are affected by bullying annually; and

WHEREAS, targets of bullying are at increased risk for depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties, lower academic achievement, and dropping out of school and students who are repeatedly bullied often fear such activities as riding the bus, going to school, interacting online, and attending community activities; and

WHEREAS, children who bully are at greater risk of engaging in more serious violent behaviours; and

WHEREAS, children who witness bullying often feel less safe, helpless to stop it, and intimidated.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Mayor Lynn Dollin on behalf of the Town of Innisfil hereby proclaim October 2021 as National Bullying Prevention Month in Innisfil; and

FURTHER THAT all schools, students, parents, recreation programs, religious institutions, businesses, and community organizations be encouraged to engage in a variety of awareness and prevention activities designed to make our communities safer for all children and adolescents.