Whereas Rainbows for all Children Canada fosters emotional healing among children grieving a loss from a life altering crisis; and

Whereas the purpose of Children’s Grief Awareness Day is to increase awareness of the long-lasting impact loss has on children and how to provide continual support for them; and

Whereas grieving children need the support of loving listeners who will validate their feelings, help them understand the pain they are experiencing, and guide them through the healing process; and

Whereas without support to lessen their heartache and worry, children are more vulnerable to significant mental and physical challenges including depression, anxiety disorders, loneliness, self-harm, and substance abuse; and

Whereas Children’s Grief Awareness Day is an opportunity to show grieving children we care about them, and they are not alone in their fight to calm the storms in their life.

Now Therefore, I, Mayor Lynn Dollin on behalf of the Town of Innisfil hereby proclaim November 16, 2023, as National Children’s Awareness Day.