WHEREAS Organizations in local communities across Canada, including non-profits, schools, hospitals and social service agencies, work to help foster resilience and emotional healing in children and youth who are grieving a loss from a life altering crisis; and

WHEREAS Children’s Grief Awareness Day raises awareness of the impact of loss on children and their need for support, and to help others understand how best to show their support for and solidarity with grieving children; and

WHEREAS for many grieving children, the most helpful bereavement support to receive is a listening ear, acknowledgement of their feelings, and the support of caring individuals like family, friends or others also grieving a loss; and

WHEREAS Children's Grief Awareness Day is an opportunity to support the grieving process of children and to let grieving children know they are not forgotten.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Mayor Lynn Dollin on behalf of the Town of Innisfil hereby proclaim November 17, 2022, as National Children’s Grief Awareness Day.