DMZ Innisfil team members and founders from the first cohort of 2023 gathered for a breakfast networking opportunity. DMZ Innisfil has accepted 12 new businesses into the program through the first cohort and expect to select a further 15 businesses through the second-round of 2023 applications this spring.

Innisfil, ON – The Economic Development Department of the Town of Innisfil is excited to announce the launch of new programs at DMZ Innisfil, the Town's renowned business accelerator and incubator. With a focus on supporting local businesses and fostering innovation, DMZ Innisfil is set to propel founders to new heights in 2023.

"The launch of the 2023 cohort at DMZ Innisfil signifies our commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and supporting local businesses," says Mayor Lynn Dollin. "We are thrilled to witness the impact that DMZ Innisfil has made in the region, and we are proud to support the innovative ventures that will emerge from this program."

DMZ Innisfil's new programs include an incubator designed to support startups and an accelerator tailored to support existing growth-focused businesses. These programs provide invaluable resources and mentorship to entrepreneurs across a wide range of sectors, driving economic growth and creating opportunities within the community.

The programs at DMZ Innisfil are centered on creating a local impact. Founders must live or operate their business within the County of Simcoe in order to be eligible and preference is given to those who live and work in Innisfil, own property in Innisfil, employ Innisfil residents, or contribute to the region in other ways. This approach ensures that the program nurtures and supports businesses who drive economic growth in our region.

Anesh Mistry, an Innisfil resident, founded MuniPaaS a governmental technology tool which helps local governments streamline their operations, improve communications and collaboration, and better serve their constituents.

“In the tech world its often quite rare to work with talent that work locally, we typically find the best resources across the country and work remotely. The prospect now, of doing more hiring locally is exciting and could shape how we grow the business“ says Mistry. “DMZ can help me network with other businesses that are in a similar position and get advice from people that have gone through what we are today. It means that our business could be a foundational block in the economic development boom of our town.”

The overwhelming response to the program has been remarkable, with 32 applications received during the initial round. The selection committee carefully evaluated each submission and accepted 12 businesses in addition to the existing 16 founders who were already part of the program. The capacity of DMZ Innisfil will continue to expand, with the ability to accommodate an additional 30-35 founders over the next two 2023 intakes.

Tiny Stephens co-owns Roof Rejuvenator, which delivers and installs an all natural, bio-friendly roofing application to restore dried brittle shingles and extend shingle life. Stephens lives in Innisfil with his family and noted that the DMZ Innisfil program has the potential to expand his business insights from the comfort of his own community.

“My family and I decided to live in Innisfil to be part of an innovative and inclusive community which embraced the benefits of mindful development,” says Stephens. “I’m excited to work with other start ups as we journey through entrepreneurship and focus on building community-oriented businesses”.

To accommodate interested entrepreneurs, the next intake deadline for DMZ Innisfil is July 21, 2023. An information workshop will be held on Wednesday, June 21 from 11 a.m. to noon to provide further details about the program and application process. To register for the information workshop, please visit

About DMZ Innisfil: DMZ Innisfil is a business accelerator and incubator program run by the Economic Development Department of the Town of Innisfil. It provides resources, mentorship, and support to local entrepreneurs, helping them grow and succeed in a wide range of sectors. DMZ Innisfil's programs focus on fostering innovation and creating a positive impact within the community. For more information, visit