Whereas in 1995, Jean Augustine, the first Black Canadian woman elected to Parliament, requested, and received unanimous agreement in the House of Commons on her motion to declare February as Black History Month in Canada; and

Whereas people of African, Caribbean and Afro-Indigenous descent have a long and rich history in Canada, shaping our country’s heritage and identity; and

Whereas Black History Month is a time to learn about the historical and contemporary stories, achievements, and contributions that diverse Black people and communities have and continue to make to the cultural, economic, political, and social development of Innisfil, Simcoe County, Ontario, and Canada; and

Whereas we honour all the individuals and organizations in our community that are committed to uplifting Black people and communities, achieving racial equity, and eliminating anti-Black racism, including local organizations UPlift Black and Making Change; and

Whereas advancing equity, diversity, inclusion, reconciliation, and anti-racism in collaboration with the community are priorities of this Council; and

Now Therefore I, Mayor Lynn Dollin on behalf of the Town of Innisfil hereby proclaim the month of February 2024 as Black History Month.