Innisfil Economic Development has brought together several resources for investors, landowners, realtors, and entrepreneurs. These resources cover a variety of topics, including demographics and statistical information about the community, planning policies, and workforce information.

Site Plan Control Guide

Most development projects will require an approved Site Plan Control Application. A site plan outlines the technical high-level design elements of a development project. Use this guide to learn how to submit a complete application for site plan review.

Development applications

All new developments require a development application. Before you submit an application, you need to book a pre-consultation meeting to discuss your project and review the application process with our staff. 

Building and renovating

When building or renovating in Innisfil, discover when you might need a permit and how to apply for a Building Permit. You can also schedule an inspection with the Town or learn more about our zoning requirements and how to apply for a minor variance.


The Town of Innisfil’s Zoning By-law governs buildings and land use according to the policies outlined in our Official Plan. Depending on which zone your property is in, you will have different permitted land uses and regulations.

Official Plan

The Town of Innisfil Official Plan guides planning and zoning decisions for the Town over the next 20 years. All new development applications must follow these guidelines to be approved.

Development charges

The Town of Innisfil collects development charges to cover the costs of building infrastructure so that new developments can receive municipal services, such as roads, water and sewer infrastructure.

Workforce and demographics

The Town produces a Community Profile, which we provide for free to investors, entrepreneurs and residents. The profile contains the most up to date demographic and statistical information using “superdemographics”.

Master plans

The Town of Innisfil has developed a variety of master plans to help guide decision-making around municipal services, assets and programs. Review each of our master plans for more information.