The Innisfil Economic Development Strategic Plan is a 3-year plan which aims to support strategic growth, guide policy decisions, and facilitate the targeted attraction of businesses and investment in Innisfil. The plan is the result of extensive engagement with residents and local businesses, and is built around five strategic goals that will help us achieve our vision for Innisfil.

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Our Goals

The Innisfil Economic Development Strategic Plan is built around five strategic goals.

Investment-ready Innisfil

Our first goal is to create an investment-ready InnisfilWe will do this by exploring opportunities to accelerate development in employment areas such as Innisfil Heights, and by focussing investment attraction efforts on key sectors identified through the Strategy. We’ll also support and advance workforce development priorities to ensure that local employers have the talent needed to grow and prosper. 

Innovation-enabled economy

Our second goal is to support an innovation-enabled economy. We will work with businesses to create an environment that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Cohesive community

Our third goal is to further a cohesive community by leveraging tourism and culture. We will promote Innisfil’s unique culture and heritage to attract visitors and residents alike. 

Enhanced community amenities

Our fourth goal is to enhance community amenities and assets. We are investing in infrastructure and public spaces to improve the quality of life for our residents. 

Best-in-class economic development office

Our fifth and final goal is to foster a best-in-class economic development office. We will provide exceptional service to businesses and investors to ensure that Innisfil remains a top destination for business expansion and investment. 

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