The Innisfil Economic Development Strategic Plan Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of our town’s economic progress and strategic goals. The Strategic Plan is made up of five strategic goals, and 60 action items.

Using the Strategic Plan Dashboard

The Innisfil Economic Development Strategic Plan is built around five strategic goals:

  1. Investment-ready Innisfil
  2. Innovation-enabled economy 
  3. Cohesive community
  4. Enhanced community amenities
  5. Best-in-class economic development office

Each goal is broken down multiple objectives, and each objective has multiple actions. Browse the objectives below to discover the status of each action.

Each action tracked by:

  • Timeline: This will tell you when this project is planned be completed, or if it is ongoing
  • Status: This will tell you if the action is complete, in progress, or not yet initiated
  • Progress: Updates from staff will appear in this category as work progresses
  • Impact: This category will track the measured impact each action had

Goal 1: Investment-ready Innisfil

Strategic planning, infrastructure development and collaboration will enable diverse economic opportunities and an investment-ready community that offers choice to entrepreneurs and investors.

Goal 2: Support for an innovation-enabled economy

Enhanced programs, initiatives and policies will encourage the development and adoption of new and innovative technologies, products, and services, leading to increased productivity, economic growth, and job creation.

Goal 3: Further a cohesive community by leveraging tourism and culture

Celebrating InnisfiI's rich cultural heritage and harnessing the tourism sector will promote economic prosperity, a shared sense of identity, and create a welcoming community that fosters a strong sense of belonging and supports local businesses.

Goal 4: Enhance community amenities and assets

Through investing in diverse housing options, creative placemaking activities, and sustainable development, Innisfil will become a complete community that offers a high quality of life, fosters neighbourhood connections, and supports economic vitality.

Goal 5: Foster a best-in-class economic development office

InnisfiI's Economic Development Office will offer a customer-centric approach that supports business growth and innovation and continues to build trust with community stakeholders.