Our Place – Innisfil’s Official Plan

Official Plan

An Official Plan is a document that includes a statement of goals, objectives and policies for managing growth and development. It sets out a comprehensive framework for land use decision-making in our community. Some policies in the Official Plan have immediate and visible effects, while some policies are long-term.

Our Place – Innisfil Official Plan

Innisfil is Our Place. We have a strong emotional attachment to Our Place – to our community, our neighbours and our natural environment. It is a place where we love to live, socialize, play, shop and work. Our Place is more than a land use planning document. It is a guide to enhance place making, community character and social connections in our Town and to guide municipal actions and other Town master planning processes.  

Our Vision

Innisfil will grow and thrive based on the places and destinations at the heart of Innisfil – the places where we recreate, shop, eat, gather, interact and most of all build the social and emotional ties that hold the community together. We will manage and plan our growth in a responsible and deliberate way that provides sustainable and timely infrastructure and maintains the strong sense of community, rural character and small-town feel we value and cherish. We will be respectful of tradition but not bound by it, as we evolve and grow into a vibrant, active, sustainable and multicultural community that offers intriguing and unique places, engaging activities and the essential social connections that makes Our Place thrive as a place to grow, a place to connect, a place to work and a place to call home.

Our Goals

Innisfil’s Community Strategic Plan, Inspiring Innisfil lays out a series of goals representing three key focus areas: Connect, Grow, and Sustain. These themes form the framework for this Official Plan. During consultation for Our Place, input was provided to help shape the specific goals under each of these three key themes.


Inspiring Innisfil 2020 states that, “The Town of Innisfil will ensure that opportunities exist for residents, businesses and organizations to connect in all ways that are meaningful – physically, socially, culturally and digitally.”

To achieve the strategic goal, Our Place intends to:

  • Strengthen the attachment to place throughout the Town by providing gathering places both on a large Town-wide scale and a smaller neighbourhood scale;
  • Strengthen social connections by providing opportunities for social interaction through public places and activities in those places to build a stronger sense of community;
  • Improve mobility for all residents by providing for active transportation connections within the neighbourhoods and between communities while planning for the provision of public transit;
  • Celebrate Innisfil’s arts, culture and heritage by preserving built heritage resources, promoting Innisfil’s arts and culture scene and supporting creative industries; and
  • Strengthen digital connectivity through Town operations and by encouraging high speed internet service and community Wi-Fi.


Inspiring Innisfil states that the “Town of Innisfil will collaboratively develop a thriving community that embraces a managed level of growth, actively engages residents, attracts and supports business and promotes prosperity.”

To achieve the strategic goal, Our Place intends do:

  • Enable local economic opportunities for residents through support of local business; providing opportunity for value-added agricultural activities; encourage businesses that support farming; and supporting investment in Innisfil Heights; and
  • Manage growth in the Town in an approproate manner that promotes intensification, provides for a range of housing choices, commercial services and employment opportunities and phases the growth in tandem with the provision of infrastructure and community facilities.


Inspiring Innisfil states that “the Town of Innisfil will actively maintain itself as a viable and vibrant community that fully embraces the principles of sustainability.”

To achieve the strategic goal, Our Place intends to:

  • Enhance the vitality of the downtowns in each of the settlement areas;
  • Protect the natural heritage of the Town by protecting significant natural features and areas and the natural heritage system that connects them while improving access to natural areas for passive recreational purposes;
  • Enhance existing and create new parks and open spaces to serve the recreational needs of our residents and as place making destinations;
  • Protecting the health of Lake Simcoe while improving public access to the waterfront for the enjoyment of the entire community;
  • Preserve community character by maintaining the small town feel and the rural character of Innisfil’s countryside; and
  • Promote the efficient use of existing municipal infrastructure and community facilities and plan in an efficient and financially sustainable way for the expansion of such infrastructure and facilities.

Our Place has new policies meant to enhance placemaking and guide development in the Town to the year 2031. To help read the plan, we also suggest taking a look at our Planning Dictionary and the 3 videos below.