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Sign up to use Innisfil Transit today

Download the free Uber app or create an account. You will need a credit card, debit-credit card, Uber gift card (can be bought at Town Hall) or paypal account. Once you have the app downloaded and installed you will have access to Innisfil's discounted fares, as long as you are within the town's boundaries. Be sure to select Innisfil Transit when booking your trip, and then drop a pin or enter the place or address of where you want to go. If you don't have a smart phone, use Uber's mobile website to request rides. 

Innisfil Transit Brochure

Enjoy Affordable Rates

When you book a trip to one of the following destinations enjoy a flat fare:

$3 for any trip to/from Innisfil Recreational Complex/Town Hall area

$3 for any trip to/from the Innisfil ideaLAB and Library, Lakeshore branch (967 Innisfil beach Road.)

$3 for any trip to/from the South Innisfil Community Centre (Lefroy)

$4 for any trip to/from closest GO bus stop along Yonge St (see our FAQ section for help on booking your trip to one of the GO bus stop locations)

$5 for any trip to/from Barrie South GO train station 

$5 for any trip to/from Innisfil Heights Employment Area and Highway 400 carpool lot

When you travel anywhere else going within Innisfil boundaries you'll save $5 off your fare.  

Use Innisfil Transit to connect to regional transportation networks such as GO Transit (from GO bus stops and Barrie South GO station), Barrie Transit (from Barrie South GO station) and SunridExpress (stops at Innisfil Beach Road and Highway 89 car pool lots along Highway 400).  

Accessible Transportation - Barrie-Innisfil Taxi

If you  require a wheelchair-accessible vehicle please contact Barrie-Innisfil Taxi at 705-721-7777.  Please provide a few days notice, and you will enjoy the same great service and fares as mentioned above.

Innisfil Transit Promo Code

As an incentive, Uber will provide a credit of $20 towards your first trip. Be sure to enter the promo code - "innisfiltransit".

Innisfil Transit for Teens

Parents can create a family profile and fill out a consent form for teens to use Innisfil Transit. Keep track of your son or daughter while they enjoy their ride. 

Background - September 2018  Update

The September 19, 2018 Report to Council includes an update on preliminary 2018 results (from January to August) of Stage 2 of the Innisfil Transit program.  Town Council also approved the recommendation of this report to remove the $5 subsidy for Innisfil Transit trips going to/from Innisfil boundaries (except to Barrie South GO).  This change will be effective October 4, 2018.  The $5 subsidy off trips within Innisfil will remain.       

The March 7, 2018 Report to Council includes an update on the 2017 results of the Innisfil Transit program.  In considering this report, Town Council also approved the launch of Stage 2 of Innisfil Transit.  

You can also learn more about the success of Innisfil Transit by watching video updates from Fall 2018, from December 7, from November 23 and by reading the October 18, 2017 Report to Council or the  August 9, 2017 Memo to Council.

The Town of Innisfil's ridesharing-transit partnership with Uber is the first of its kind in Canada. You can learn more about the background of this exciting initiative by checking out our FAQ section.

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