What is a Sign Variance?

What is a Sign Variance?

A sign variance is a change or permission from the specific requirements of The Large Sign By-law #. 050-06 (as amended).  A sign variance process allows a property owner the opportunity to seek permission or relief from a specific provision of The Large Sign By-law by applying to the Committee of Adjustment.

What is the Sign Variance Process?

The sign variance process consists of several steps:

Step 1:

Pre Consultation: Prior to making the application, the applicant may wish to confer with the Secretary Treasurer

Step 2:

Submission: When submitting, ensure that the application is completed in its entirety. Once a completed application is received it is processed by the Secretary Treasurer

Step 3:

Circulation: All property owners within 60 metres of the subject lands as well as various Town departments and any affected agencies are provided a Notice of Hearing two weeks prior to the Hearing date, which briefly outlines the nature of the application – applicant is responsible for posting a sign on the subject lands

Step 4:

Hearing and Decision: The Committee hears the application and usually makes a decision the same day

Step 5:

Notice of Decision: A Notice of Decision is circulated to the applicant and all persons who made a written request to be notified of the decision – once the decision is made, a 20 day appeal period commences during which time the Committee’s decision could be appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board

Step 6:

If Appealed: The application is heard before the Ontario Municipal Board in what amounts to a new hearing

Step 7:

If No Appeal: The Committee’s decision is final after the expiration of the 20 day appeal period