Water Systems

What does Water Operations do?

At InnServices the Water Operations staff make sure that we have safe drinking water.  We take care of the  administration, operation and maintenance of the municipal water treatment and distribution systems within the Town of Innisfil. 

There is one lake-based (or surface water) treatment plant, and four ground supply systems (municipal wells) and associated distribution (watermain) systems operating.

Lakeshore Water Filtration Plant

The Lakeshore Plant was commissioned in 1996 and services approximately 6500 residential and commercial units to date. 

Churchill Water System

This ground water system was commissioned in 1974 and services 177 residential connections to date.  Presently this system is NOT rated as having fire protection capacity. Fire protection is provided by Innisfil Fire & Rescue Services.

Innisfil Heights

This ground water system was commissioned in 1975 and services 152 residential, commercial and industrial connections.  It is fire protected.


This ground water system was commissioned in 1970 and services 624 residential and commercial connections.  It is fire protected.