Understanding Your Tax Bill

Property Tax Information Brochure – 2020

Section ACustomer Name and Mailing Address
Section BDisplays deduction amount if you are participating in the monthly pre-authorized payment plan. No payment is required.
Section C1Displays mortgage company name or pre-authorized payment plan
Section C2The Mortgage Number
Section DCurrent Levy Information. Taxes are calculated by multiplying the assessment value of your property by the tax rate. This Interim billing is 50 percent of 2014 annualized final taxes.
Section ETells you the due dates and the amount owing
Section FBilling summary of charges since your last bill
Section GContains valuable information for our customers
Section HSecond Payment Remittance stub
Section IFirst Payment Remittance stub

Change of Address

Remember to update your address with us, to make sure you receive your tax bill on time. Here’s the Change of Address form.