Traffic Calming FAQs

Traffic Safety Advisory Committee Process Map

View our process map overview for the actions taken by our One Town, One Team at a high level.

When will the Traffic Safety Advisory Committee meeting next?

Meetings are scheduled on a date selected by Council. The meeting agenda will be published and available to the public one week in advance of the meeting. Due to COVID-19, meetings are held virtually. To request a delegation or to participate, contact Kevin Jacob, Assistant Clerk,  at View TSAC agendas and minutes.

Does the Town have a policy to address traffic calming? 

Yes! Policy CP.09-13-13 was adopted by Council in 2013. It was updated as part of the 2018 Transportation Master Plan (TMP). The policy is based on research on traffic calming policies used by other municipalities throughout Ontario and the Canadian Guide to Neighbourhood Traffic Calming. The policy is intended to provide a proactive tool to evaluate and prioritize traffic-related concerns. 

Vehicles are travelling too fast on my street! What can be done?

The safety of our community is always our first priority. Council approved the formation of a Traffic Safety Advisory Committee (TSAC) to comprehensively address traffic calming requests received from the community under our Traffic Calming Policy. We also purchased a mobile speed sign that is placed as a temporary measure when we receive concerns about speed. 

Our partners at South Simcoe Police Services are also highly invested in the safety of our community. They can be contacted on their non-emergency line at 705-436-2141.  An increased presence in your area may act as a deterrent for speeding motorists. 

How can I have my street considered for traffic calming measures?

Contact our office anytime to let us know about your concerns. We will open an inquiry and share the concerns with the Traffic Safety Advisory Committee for consideration. Their meetings are open to the public and you will be contacted when your item is on their agenda. If you would like to make a written submission, please send it to our Customer Service Team. You can also speak to the committee at the meeting by filling out a delegation form. Your inquiry will remain open until the committee has reviewed the request and provided feedback on their findings.

How can I get the mobile speed sign installed in my area?

The mobile speed sign is in circulation from approximately May to mid-October (depending on weather). The speed sign is placed in areas as an interim measure where traffic calming concerns have been identified by our residents. When you contact our office to request that your street be considered for traffic calming measures, we will proactively add the street to the list of locations.

Can a crosswalk be considered for my street?

We can only install crosswalks on streets that have sidewalks.  We are working on a Crosswalk Policy as part of our Transportation Master Plan update.  

Can the Town install speed bumps on my street?

We often receive requests for permanent traffic calming in subdivision areas. Traffic calming measures can only be considered on streets that have been assumed by the Town. Traffic volume/counts is one of the most significant considerations for permanent traffic calming measures and unfortunately the majority of our subdivision streets do not meet the criteria under our policy. 

How can I get “Children at Play” signs for my lawn?

The Town does not recommend installing these types of signs. These can have the opposite effect and may encourage children to play near or on the street, negating safety.