Stay Informed

In the event of an emergency or important updates, social media and Notify Innisfil will play a key role in communicating updates to the public.

Sign up for Notify Innisfil

Notify Innisfil is the Town of Innisfil’s free notification tool and is powered by Communicaty. Notify Innisfil informs you of important municipal updates and emergency alerts that may impact you and your family. Signing up is easy and can be done from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. The service enables notifications to be town-wide or to targeted areas, which can be helpful for neighbourhood-specific updates (e.g. localized flooding). You will receive a confirmation after signing up.

Ways to be notified 

You can sign up for one or all of the following alert types:

  • SMS or text message 
  • Email
  • Phone call (landline or cell)

You can choose to opt-in to only the types of alerts that matter most to you. 

Update your data

Login to the portal with the email address you signed up with to update your data. You will receive an email with a unique link to securely update your details under “My Profile” without the need for a password log-in. If you cannot find this link, email 

If you have questions on how your data is managed or how to unsubscribe, please read the Frequently Asked Questions section. 

Alert Ready in Ontario

Alert Ready in Ontario is part of a national service designed to deliver critical and potentially life-saving emergency alert messages to Canadians. Emergency alerts are distributed on radio, TV and compatible wireless devices. Check your phone’s compatibility.  

Tips for everyday readiness 

We encourage everyone to be prepared by making a plan, building a survival kit and staying informed.

Make a plan

Learn what situations you need to plan for. No two households are the same. When building your family emergency plan, be mindful of the special needs and considerations of individuals in your own household:

Build a kit

Everyone should have an emergency survival kit, with the supplies needed to be safe and take care of yourself and your family for at least three days.

Be informed

Learn about emergencies as soon as possible: