Spot Owners FAQ

How can I be a good Rover “Spot Host”?

The two most important aspects when listing a spot are to ensure your availability and price are as desired and to post a photo of your spot with a clear description. This will allow renters to know exactly where to put their vehicle, e.g. “Please park on the right side of the driveway, if facing the house. Please do not block the garage.” If you want a sign, please ask us for one as it is a great way to make the parkers confident they are in the right parking spot.

What happens if someone is in my spot after their time has expired?

Please use the standard of care you would generally use for a friend who may have parked in your spot. If the vehicle is in your spot “overtime” please let Rover know right away by clicking the “email support” button in the active sharing screen, or send Rover an email at Please do allow for a grace period for Rover to get in touch with the owner and ask them to move the car before we proceed to charge them further for overstaying or help you get the car towed.

What happens if someone is in my parking spot that has not booked/paid through Rover?

Send Rover an email at with a photo of the license plate. We will look into the system to verify if the vehicle is part of the Rover community. We will let you know ASAP if they are and help you set-up a tow truck to remove the vehicle from your property.

When do I receive the money for parking?

Rover sends out all funds on Wednesday. It can take from 1 to 10 business days for the money to clear your account.

Is there anywhere in the app that I can find how much money I have earned?

Yes, a full history of past transactions at your parking spot is now available within the app. You can find this, plus a yearly summary, when editing your spot details.

Can I easily turn off availability without affecting my settings?

Yes, there is a simple ON/OFF setting in the details section of your parking space. Hit ‘Share Parking’ in the app and you will see the ON/OFF button.

(iOS) How do I set overnight prices? I can only make my spot available until midnight.

In order to set overnight parking you need to create two different parking schedules. For example, if you want to make the spot available from 8:00 p.m. on Monday until 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, you must do the following:

On the ‘Availability’ screen, select Monday at the top. Then select 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Select the hourly price and hit ‘add’.

Click on ‘Add timing & price’ again. This time, select Tuesday and make it available from 12:00 a.m to 8:00 a.m. Select ‘price’ and hit ‘Add’. Your spot will now be available from 8:00 p.m. on Monday until 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday. We call this time stitching and you can do this at any point in the day. We are working on a more user friendly way to create over night spots.

I want to charge more than $3/hour. Can I do this?

Rover is trying to make parking more efficient, cheaper and user friendly. For this reason we are currently capping our prices at $3/hr. If you feel your parking spot warrants an exception, please let us know. However, most spots will not command more than this amount at the moment. As Rover grows and more people start changing their behaviour with regard to how they park, we will be able to let you set the price. Until then, if we were to raise the price, you would not get anyone parking.

How do the Daily and Nightly maximums work?

To maintain a competitive parking pricing strategy, Rover has implemented Daily and Nightly pricing caps to parking spots. You can find these price caps within the Rover app, in the Edit Spot Details screen. For any further information, please contact

How does the availability work?

As a parking owner you have the ability to make your spot available whenever you want. This means you could make your spot available 24/7, 9am – 5pm on weekdays, 9am – 9pm on weekends, etc. You can also make a spot available at different times on any given day and associate different prices to each time period, for example, 9am – 5pm is $2/hr, 5pm – 9pm at $1.50/hr, 9pm – Midnight at $1/hr.

Why can’t I edit my settings if someone is parked in the parking spot?

This is now available. Please update your app to edit spots while actively sharing.

Why isn’t anyone parking in my spot?

Rover is a mobile marketplace for shared parking. Being a shared service means that all of our parking spots are privately supplied by people participating in the program.

We may not have a huge supply of spots quite yet, so please don’t be discouraged. Every day we have new spots being added. Please tell all your friends about Rover and share a post on your social media. Every new spot added makes the marketplace better and more productive for all.

Why do I have to give you my date of birth and address?

In order for Rover to be able to send money to your bank account there is certain information we must collect to ensure that the person collecting the money is indeed you. This is for anti-money laundering and other security measures. All our payment processing is done using Stripe, the worlds leading mobile payment processor.

Do you store my credit card or banking information?

Rover does not store any credit card, debit card, or banking information. Stripe, the world’s leading mobile app payment processor who are governed and abide by all regulatory statutes, handle all payment processing and financial data storage.

Is there a way to report bad behaviour?

Yes, you can report any issues you run into from within the app, or via our support email address