Special Events


A Special Event Application Guide was developed as a reference guide to help private and not-for-profit groups holding special events on Town of Innisfil property. While the Application Guide is focused on the main aspects related to obtaining a Special Event Permit, it does not cover all elements that may be pertinent to an event. The below information provides additional information that may be relevant to event organizers regardless of whether or not an event requires a Special Event Permit.

Submit an Event to the Town Calendar

Have an event coming up?  Please visit the Town of Innisfil’s Event Calendar to add your event.

Securing a Date & Location

It is recommended that event organizers contact the Facility Coordinator  as soon as possible as availability of Town property is on a first come basis. Please note that some Town property, such as baseball diamonds and soccer pitches, are reserved regularly and special events booked after the baseball diamond and soccer pitch reservation period maybe declined in a specific location as nearby parking spots may have already been booked and therefore cannot accommodate additional activities.

In addition, depending on the nature of the proposed activities, special approvals, including Council authorization may be required and therefore more time may be needed to obtain the necessary approvals.

The Town of Innisfil has a number of public facilities and pavilions that are available for rent. Anyone interested in renting a public facility, pavilion, meeting room, soccer pitch, baseball diamond, or ice surface, can contact the Facility Coordinator at 705-436-3710 or email activeinnisfil@innisfil.ca 

Information about available halls, soccer pitches, baseball diamonds  is available here.

Animals on Town Property

Town By-Law 098-07 regulates the control of dogs on Town property.  Dogs on Town property are required to be on leash at all times and owners are responsible for all clean up involving the dog.  Some properties specify times when dogs are prohibited.  More information can be obtained from Customer Service.  If dogs are to be part of an exhibit at an event and are required to be off-leash, event organizers are required to have an exemption to the by-law from Council.  Please speak to the Facility Coordinator  to learn about acquiring exemption permission.

It is recommended that event organizers remind possible attendees that dogs are not permitted in certain locations at certain times.  It is recommended that the dog restrictions be publicized on promotional materials.  If the event is large in size, it is recommended that attendees be encouraged to leave their pets at home even when permitted.

If the event is proposing to have animal attractions, petting zoos, pony rides or circuses, please inform Customer Service, as some areas of Town property may not be suitable.  In an effort to respect others that use Town property and park land, events with animals must ensure all clean up of waste.

Hiring Animal Attractions

Any animal attractions hired for an event must provide proof of liability insurance and it is essential that due diligence is undertaken by the event organizer to ensure that animal cruelty or negligence is not occurring.  Event organizers are asked to provide a copy of animal attraction liability insurance at the same time as a copy of their own liability insurance is submitted.  Event organizers must provide proper sanitary stations by all animal attractions.

All animal attractions and exhibitors must follow the by-laws and laws of the Town of Innisfil, Province of Ontario and Government of Canada.

Commercial Vendors

Under certain conditions, event organizers may be permitted to have commercial vendors at an event.  Items sold on Town property must meet Town standards.  No items are allowed to be sold on Town property that go against any Town of Innisfil by-laws, Criminal Code of Canada or the Human Rights Commission of Ontario or any other provincial or federal regulations.

Selling or prompting/advertising is permitted only within the area listed on the Special Event Permit or the rental agreement for the Town facility(ies).  Vendors will not be permitted to distribute and/or post any advertisements or promotional materials except in the area reserved by event organizers.  Any vendors advertising, promoting or selling outside of their reserved area will require a Hawkers and Peddlers Permit from the Town of Innisfil and could be fined for failure to produce one.

It is the responsibility of all event organizers to maintain a sense of quality at festivals and events held in our community.

Obtaining Approval from Existing Commercial Vendors on Town Property

The Town of Innisfil contracts out the operation of Concession stands and the Pro Shop at our facilities and parks.  The contractors of the Concession stands and Pro Shop have the right to operate during events.  All event organizers serving food or selling items, where a Concession or Pro Shop is located, must receive written permission from the contractor(s) of the Concession stand and/or Pro Shop to have additional food and sales at their event.


The Town of Innisfil requires all special events on Town property to have liability insurance.  Event organizers are responsible for covering all insurance needs.  The Town requires a minimum of $5 million liability insurance for each special event held on Town property and the Town must be named as co-insured on the policy.  More information can be obtained from the Facility Coordinator.

It is the event organizer’s responsibility to ensure that the alcohol service area, vendors, entertainers, food vendors, attractions, etc. have the required insurance.  The event’s insurance company should be able to provide details of what coverage these different participants require.  If a third party is organizing an alcohol service area or midway style attractions, the main event organizer is still required to have an alcohol or midway style attraction included in their insurance liability coverage.

For those requiring a Special Event Permit, insurance must be submitted prior to the issuing of a permit.  For those renting Town facilities, the insurance must be submitted with the signed contract.