Special Event Permits

What Type of Events Require a Special Event Permit?

Any event that is being held on a Town roadway or property is required to fill out the Special Event Permit Application Form if at least two of the following criteria apply to the proposed event:

  • Alcohol will be served
  • The duration of the event is at least 6 hours; and/or if
  • Attendance levels are forecasted at 300 patrons or more.

Any event that fits at least two of the criteria above will be considered a ‘Special Event’ by the Town of Innisfil. All Special Events, including recurring events are required to fill out a Special Event Permit Application Form and follow the requirements for each event occurrence.  

These are general guidelines and some events may require a Special Event Permit outside of these requirements due to the event activities. If event organizers are not sure if an event requires a Special Event Permit, please contact the Special Events Coordinator to verify.

If your event does not fit in any of the above requirements but is on Town property, please contact the Facility Coordinator to book your facility or park space. 

Events on Private Property Do Not Require a Special Event Permit

Even though an event, whether on private or public property, may not require a Special Event Permit, organizers are reminded that all municipal, provincial and national by-laws and laws are in effect and organizers are responsible to adhere to any such by-laws/laws. A few examples include:

  • roadways must remain passable at all times for emergency vehicles
  • under the Ontario Building Code permits are required for a tent or tents with a combined floor space of over 60 square meters in size
  • under the Fire Code, permits are required for open flames and/or fireworks
  • Town of Innisfil noise and parking by-laws will be enforced at all times
  • any special insurance requirements for events on public and private property
  • facilities contracts for booking Town property must be adhered to including requirements for rental fees and damage deposits.

For more information, please contact the Special Events Coordinator at 705-436-3710 or events@innisfil.ca