Rover General FAQ

What is this Innisfil-Rover Parking Pilot all about?

The Town of Innisfil is partnering with the mobile parking app, Rover, to offer residents and visitors to Innisfil a more convenient way to find and pay for parking. We believe this approach will reduce congestion on our streets, decrease the need for expanding public parking, and make snow-clearing operations more efficient in the winter. 

What does this mean for me?

By signing up and creating a Rover Parking account you will be able to:

  • Make money by offering available parking on your driveway or parking spot(s) to those in need of parking and;
  • Book parking on any available Rover Parking spot throughout the Town, including on residential streets and municipal parking lots.

Where will Rover Parking spots be available?

Parking spaces will be available wherever your neighbours throughout the town create them. So, the more we all create and offer parking spots, the better! We recommend downloading the app and creating an account to see the map of available parking. In addition, we will offer municipal parking spaces throughout the town. 

How much will parking cost?

In official Town of Innisfil spots, the rates will be the same as what you would normally pay. Private residential spots are determined by the individual, but will be capped at a rate of 3$/hour with daily rates in the range of $9 and nightly rates in the range of $7.

Will I get a parking ticket if I park in a Rover Parking spot without paying for it?

If you park in a Town parking spot without paying for it you will get a ticket and your vehicle may be removed. If you park in a private spot without paying for it, you could be flagged by the owner and face the risk of having your vehicle towed/removed.

I’m having problems using the Rover Parking App. What do I do?

Please visit Rover’s website. 

Is there a desktop version of Rover?

Yes, there is for managing your spot rental and turning your spot on an off, but not for parking at this time. All transactions take place through the iOS/Android app.

I’m experiencing technical issues with Rover.

Send a detailed note including device type and the issue you are experiencing to  and they’ll look into it.

How do I park with Rover?

At present, Rover Parking is real time. There is no advanced booking of spots. As a result, the process of parking with Rover is really no different than parking in any other “metered” spot. The best approach is to find the spot on the map, go to that spot and before you pay/park, make sure the spot is indeed empty and that your vehicle will fit. Once successfully in the spot, be sure to hit the confirm and pay button so that the APP now displays your time on the Active Parking Screen.

Why are there no spots where I want to park?

Rover is a mobile marketplace for shared parking. Being a shared service means that all of our parking spots are privately supplied by people participating in the program. We may not have a huge supply of spots in your area quite yet, so please don’t be discouraged. Every day new spots are being added. Please tell all your friends about Rover and share a post on your social media. Every new spot added makes the marketplace better and more productive for all.

How do I find the parking spot?

All of our spots are listed on the map screen. If the pin is red, it is available. If it is grey, it is not. On the booking screen there is a photo and a description of the spot with all the pricing and availability details. Rover Parking spots are also integrating into Google Maps making finding a spot very easy.

Can I book parking in advance?

No, not currently. This feature may be available in the future.

What happens if I overstay the availability?

There is an extend parking option on the active parking screen. If you need more time, please ensure that you extend your parking time. If you overstay, you do risk the chance of your vehicle being removed from the property.

What is the convenience fee?

A small surcharge that goes towards monitoring parking, ensuring that no fake spots are posted and covering the payment processing fee.

Can I book a spot for an entire week or an entire month?

You cannot currently book for an entire week or month. You are able to extend for 24 hour periods as soon as you park. Rover is working on weekly and monthly parking options.

Can I book for less than 30 minutes?

Yes, the minimum amount of time you can book is 15 minutes.

Can my car ever get towed?

You are parking on private property. If you do not adhere to the time limits that you have paid for, you risk the chance of your vehicle being removed from the property, although this is unlikely.