Road Permits

Half Load Restriction

Half Load Restrictions (Town of Innisfil By-law 017-01) will be in place from March 1 through May 1 for all Town roads.

Commercial vehicles are not to exceed a weight of 5,000 kilograms per axle, unless they meet the exceptions under the Highway Traffic Act. For more information please contact Customer Service at (705) 436-3710.

Oversized Load Permits (OSL)

The Town issues oversize/overweight permits for vehicles and/or loads when the dimensions and/or weight exceeds the limits set out in the Highway Traffic Act. Take a look at the Guide to Oversize/Overweight Vehicles and Loads in Innisfil for a breakdown of dimension and weight limitations. We are committed to issuing your permit within 5 business days of receiving your complete application and permit fee.

Please note that during “Half Load Restrictions” oversize load permits DO NOT apply.

What do I need to Apply for an Oversize/Overweight Permit?

All information requested on the application form must be complete for us to issue a permit:

  • Is the permit for a single trip or for an annual permit?
  • How many originals are needed?
  • Will the permits be picked up or would you like us to mail them to you?
  • What size and type of load will be moved under the permit?
  • What roads will be used?
  • Insurance information is included.

What Kind of Insurance do we Need?

  • Applicant must maintain and pay for Comprehensive General Liability Insurance.
  • This insurance must be a minimum of $5 million.
  • Insurance policy must include The Corporation of the Town of Innisfil as an additional insured party.
  • Insurance must be valid during the time period of the permit.

How do I Apply for an Oversize Load Permit?

  • Apply online  and pay with PayPal.
  • Apply in person at our Town Hall located at 2101 Innisfil Beach Road. Payment can be accepted by cash, cheque or debit. Click here for our office hours.
  • Fax us your completed application – 705-436-7120 and send us the payment in the mail. We will get the permit ready so it can be released when your payment is processed.
  • Email us your completed application to and send us the payment in the mail. We will get the permit ready so it can be released when your payment is processed.

How much does an Oversize Load Permit cost?

Permits are issued for a single trip or on an annual basis and fees are subject to change each year.  Permit fees are applied based on the year the permit is issued for. If an application is submitted in 2019 but the permit being applied for is for 2020, the 2020 rate applies. The cost for a single trip permit in 2019 is $80.50 and an annual permit is $485. The cost for a single trip permit in 2020 is $83.00 and an annual permit is $500.00.

Right of Way Activity Permit (RAP)

The Town of Innisfil requires a permit when work is to be done near or on a roadway, be it on the road or boulevard.  Work such as repairs on utilities, reconstruction of road, installation of new utilities, bore holes and temporary signage.

Please note – Starting in 2012 the Town will be charging an application fee for Right of Way Activity Permits.  Please refer to the Town Fee’s By-law for rate changes.

Entranceway Permits

This includes residential, commercial and paving works.

The Town of Innisfil requires a permit when constructing a new entranceway or working on an existing entranceway.

Permit Extension Form

Permit extension forms may be used to extend a Right of Way Activity Permit, Entranceway Permit etc. Extension requests need to be requested prior to the current permit expiry date.  Extension duration will only be granted for a maximum of ONE year.