Road Improvements

Slurry Seal List: 2020

Road NameFromTo
20th SIDEROAD9th Line10th Line
20th SIDEROADMapleviewBig Bay Point
Big Bay Point20th Sideroad25th Sideroad
Mapleview20th Sideroad25th Sideroad
5th LineCounty road 420th Sideroad
2nd Line20th SideroadLake

Road Rehabilitation Program for 2018

The following roads are scheduled for rehabilitation in 2018:

Road Name
Warnica Avenue
Mapleview Road
North Limit of Warnica Avenue
Orchard Avenue
Mapleview Road
North Limit of Orchard Avenue
Reid Street
Somers Boulevard
East Limit of Reid Street
Hazel’s Gate
Reid Street
9th Line
Alderslea Crescent
Roberts Road
South Limit of Alderslea Crescent
Raynor Court
Lebanon Drive
South Limit of Raynor Court
Inglewood Drive
Adams Road
40 Metres South of Innisfil Beach Road
May Street
Alfred Street
Martha Street
Martha Street
May Street
Trombley Street
Trombley Street
Claver Avenue
East Limit of Trombley Street
Claver Avenue
Trombley Street
Ewart Street
Evans Place
Emily Street
Isabella Street

Slurry Seal Program for 2018

What is slurry seal and why do we use it?

Slurry seal is a cold mix paving system using materials such as aggregate, asphalt emulsion and other fillers that can remedy a broad range of problems on streets.  Not only will it fill cracks and voids that occur over time, it also seals the surface to protect it from weather.  An all-weather, long lasting surface is created that offers skid resistance and improved handling characteristics for drivers.  Applying slurry seal to our roads has proven to be a cost effective treatment that has made our roads last longer between paving projects. 

This year we will be applying slurry seal to the following areas:

  • Innisfil Heights Crescent
  • Parkview Ridge
  • Grand Vista Court
  • 10th Line west of 20 Sideroad
  • 9th Line west of 10 Sideroad
  • 7th Line east of County Road 27
  • 5th Line east of County Road 27
  • 2nd Line west of 20 Sideroad
  • Shore Acres Drive east of Yonge Street
  • 14th Line east of Yonge Street