Rain Garden FAQs

What is a rain garden?

A rain garden is a garden designed specifically to collect rain water from a roof, driveway or patio and help divert it away from the storm sewer system. Click here to learn more .

How does a rain garden work?

Rain gardens look just like regular gardens but have unique design features and include specific plants  suited to our weather and climate. Rain gardens help collect and filter water, allowing it to naturally soak into the ground.

My builder installed a rain garden on my property – do I have to keep it? 

Please check your purchase agreement or reach out to your builder if this is the case. There are some developments in the community that are required to install rain gardens as part of their subdivision agreement – your builder will be able to confirm. If it is a requirement of the subdivision agreement and it is removed, your builder may require it to be reinstalled at the cost of the property owner.

Why install a rain garden?

Rain gardens help mimic the natural water cycle and minimize the amount of water entering traditional stormwater sewers. According to Lake Simcoe Regional Conservation Authority, stormwater run-off is a major source of water pollution entering creeks, streams and Lake Simcoe.

I want to install a rain garden but landscaping can be costly – is there help for property owners?

Yes! There is a funding opportunity through Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority for property owners. Click here to learn more .

Are there any alternatives to a rain garden to help manage stormwater on my property? 

The Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority distributes a great guide to introduce property owners to alternative projects. The guide was created by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and can be requested here .