Property Taxes FAQs

Property Taxes – Frequently Asked Questions

I have received a “Supplemental Tax” bill – what does this mean?

These bills are issued when there has been a change in the assessed value of your property and additional taxes are owing. Outside of their regular assessment cycle, MPAC may do a reassessment of your property based on a recent project on your property that needed a permit from us. Municipalities are required to report permit activity to MPAC. This is only one of the reasons your property may have been reassessed. Contact MPAC  for more details on how your property has been assessed.

If you purchased a new home you will receive a Supplemental Tax bill. It takes time for MPAC to fully assess your property following construction. Your initial tax payments were based on an assessment of vacant land. Bills are issued retro-actively from the time of occupancy until the bill is issued. 

Options are available through our Pre-authorized Payment Plan if you want to help build a credit in your tax account to offset supplemental taxation or help you manage getting up to date. Contact us if we can help!

When are my Property Taxes due?

Property taxes are due four (4) times a year. Residential property taxes are due  February, April, June and September. You will receive a bill in January for the February and April levies, and another in May for the June and September levies.  Commercial Property Taxes are  due in February and April, but final tax due dates are in August and October. Taxes are always due at the end of these months and due dates vary. Check your bill to confirm due dates.

How can I pay my taxes?

We offer many ways to pay your taxes! Payment can be made:

  • Town Hall by cash, cheque or debit 
  • Online by credit card using Plastiq
  • Pre-authorized Payment Plan (PAP)
  • Online banking – just add “Innisfil Taxes” as a payee (you will need information from your tax bill the first time)
  • At your bank
  • By phone – contact your bank for setup

Your account number is your 19 digit roll number from your tax bill.  

**Please remember payments made online or through your bank may take up to five (5) business days to receive. To avoid late penalties, be sure to make the payment in enough time that it is received by the due date.**

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Pre-authorized Payment Plans (PAP)

This is a very convenient way of making sure your taxes are paid. We offer a monthly option and on installment due dates. Setting it up is simple! Complete the Pre-Authorization Application form and provide a void cheque or a document from your banking institution providing your account information. Submitting is just as easy – details are on the form.

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Oops – I missed my pre-authorized payment.  What do I do now?

You will receive a letter advising that a payment has been returned from the bank.  A fee of $35 is applied to your account.  Payments are only attempted through PAP once – otherwise payment will need to be made through any of the other available payment options. Remember to include the administration fee.  If the payment remains outstanding,  the PAP will be cancelled due to arrears. There is an additional  fee if we need to reactivate your PAP due to non-payment. Please contact us if we can help you make payment arrangements. 

Help! I made a duplicate payment on my property tax account and I need it back!

If you have made a duplicate payment on your taxes, you can get it back.  If your payment was made through your bank (online or at your branch office), you may contact your bank and request that they reverse the payment.  Your bank will prepare the paperwork required and communicate with the Town. Payments are usually reversed within 3-5 business days.

Refunds of all other methods of payment must be processed through our Tax Department. Please submit your request for refund in writing to  We will prepare a refund and send a cheque to the mailing address on file. 

How do I find out my account balance and activity?

No need to wait for regular business hours to contact us – do it online anytime! You will need information from your tax bill to activate your account for the first time, but once activated you can monitor your account with ease.  To get started click here!

How do I change my address?

Simply complete our Change of Address Form and return it to us. We will ensure that tax bills are redirected to the address you request. 

Can I have my tax bill e-mailed to me?

Get your tax bill wherever you are and go paperless! E-bill is a convenient way of receiving your tax bill without having to wait for regular mail delivery. You will need to activate your online tax account to sign up to receive e-bills. Set up is easy – select “sign up for e-bill”  from the menu after logging into your online tax account. You will receive an email containing a link to your e-bill when your tax bill is ready! 

Remember – email notifications are sent out automatically when accounts start posting. There may be a delay from the time you receive the email until the link is functional – we appreciate your patience! The posting updating process can take a few hours.  If your link is not functional by the next business day, please let us know!

Why did I get a tax bill when I’m on payment plan with the Town or my Mortgage Holder?

You will still receive a bill if you are on a payment plan. If you are enrolled in a payment plan, your enrollment status will be indicated on your bill under your mailing address block.   

I am selling my property and only want to pay the taxes I owe; how can I do this?

Your lawyer should calculate your per diem tax amount (the exact amount you owe up until the day the sale closes) and be in contact with you. The Town is not involved in calculating your per diem tax amount.

 I did not receive my tax bill in the mail, what should I do?

To ensure you receive all mail, update your preferred mailing address. If your mailing address has not changed, contact Canada Post to see if your tax bill is being held at the post office. You should also check with your neighbors to see if it has been delivered to them accidentally. A reprint of your tax bill can be obtained at Town Hall for a $22.00 fee.

 I changed my name, but it was not changed on my recent tax bill. How do I fix this?

The Land Registry Office is responsible for changing the name on your title. For further information, you can contact the Barrie office at 705-725-7232, or visit their website here: