What is Placemaking and why is it important?

 “When you focus on place, you do everything differently.” Fred Kent, Project for Public Spaces”

Placemaking is a collaborative process that engages people in creating and sustaining the public destinations at the heart of their community:  the places where we recreate, shop, eat, gather, interact, and most of all build the social and emotional ties that hold our community together. 

The primary goal of placemaking is to create places that a wide array of people will use and enjoy, throughout the day, the week and the year. 

The placemaking conversation starts with discussing what makes a great place.  

Through “Our Place”, we want to re-imagine our public spaces and strengthen connections between Town residents and these places.  “Our Place” will focus on identifying and planning for community elements that make us love where we live, work and play.

Sourced from:  https://www.pps.org/article/what-is-placemaking