Planning Services

We’ve gone digital

In an effort to provide continued planning services to members of the public and development community, the Town of Innisfil’s Planning Services Department is requiring all owners/applicants to submit their development application(s) digitally. All Planning applications can be found on our website in a convenient fillable PDF format. Included in this process, payments for development applications will also only be accepted electronically.

To submit digitally: Email all required forms and drawings to  If your files are too large, or you will be submitting multiple documents, you can request access to our One Drive folder. To request access, please email

Electronic Payments:  When payment is requested, staff will provide applicants with a secure link to process payments using PayPal. 

If you have questions or would like more information on submitting digital applications or electronic payments please reach out to us at

What does Planning Do?

Planning Services is responsible for the long-range planning of the Town, including managing land uses and promoting efficient and effective development.

Implementation of the Town’s Official Plan policies is accomplished through the use of a number of different tools, including site plan control, secondary plans, part lot control exemptions, zoning, subdivision approval, Committee of Adjustment, ongoing policy development, and review of previous land use decisions.

Planning Services works closely with the building services, engineering and economic development departments to respond to  general inquires related to land use in the Town as well as specific inquires related to development applications.

Official Plan

The Town of Innisfil Official Plan is the main document used to guide long-range planning for the Town over the next 20 years. It contains maps and policies which establish land use designations and permitted uses for all areas of the Town. The Official Plan provides a framework for guiding decisions related to changes in land use.

For more information, or to determine Official Plan policies that apply to a property, please see the Town of Innisfil Strategic Planning Section. To learn about Our Place Innisfil, the new Official Plan community engagement project, visit here.

Zoning By-law

The Town of Innisfil Comprehensive Zoning By-law 080-13 assigns each property in the Town with a zone category that defines permitted uses and the type and form of development permitted.   Zones and any amendment to them must be generally consistent with the Official Plan. The zone identifies permitted uses and regulations related to minimum lot area, density, building height and area, maximum lot coverage, parking requirements, permitted accessory uses, etc. All buildings and land uses must comply with the Zoning By-law.

For more information, or to determine how a property is zoned, please see Zoning.

Site Plan

Site Plan Control is a planning tool provided to municipalities under Section 41 of the Planning Act.  Development that is subject to site plan control must go through the site plan approval process before a building permit can be released.  This allows the Town to control or influence development to ensure that the design meets planning and engineering standards, public health and safety guidelines, and is visually appropriate.  It can also help ensure that the design is sustainable and meets accessibility guidelines.

Under the Planning Act the public is not involved in the approval process, however they are notified of applications made in the community.  At minimum a sign is posted on the property and Council is provided with a copy of the plans.

Pre-consultation with our Site Plan Team is required for all types of applications.  

For more information on this process, please visit the Site Plan Control page.

Committee of Adjustments

Committee of Adjustments information

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