Pay Parking Ticket | Review Parking Ticket

Need to Pay a Parking Ticket?

  • You can pay your parking ticket online  using Visa or MasterCard. 
  • You can pay  in person at Town Hall  using cash, cheque or debit or by cheque.
  • You can  mail a cheque to: Innisfil Town Hall,  2101 Innisfil Beach Road, Innisfil ON L9S 1A1.

Parking Reviews

If you would like to have your parking ticket reviewed you can submit a Request for a Parking Infraction Review . Please remember that If your fine is valid or reduced, it is payable in the time stated in the response. No extensions will be granted. If payment is not received in this time frame, the full amount and any additional administration costs will apply. Parking tickets remain valid throughout the parking infraction review process and applicable notices will be issued until all necessary documentation is received, processed and reviewed.

Trial Requests 

Before a trial request, we strongly recommend you submit a Request for a Parking Infraction Review  first. This process is fast and most people are able to settle any concerns or disputes this way. If you would still like to make a trial request you will have to come in person to Town Hall. 

Parking  FAQs

 Q. I’ve paid for parking but I have received a ticket, why?

A. There are several reasons why you may have received a ticket after you have paid.  

  • If your ticket location states “Resident Lot, Lot D or Lot G” you received a ticket because you are parked in a lot only permitted for Innisfil Residents with a valid permit.
  • You may have been parked on the grass (where not authorized)
  • You may have not been parked in a spot (all vehicles must be parked in a designated space – I vehicle per space)

Q. The parking lots were full, where can I park?

A. Unfortunately once the designated parking and overflow lot is full,  you will have to find an alternative parking location. Parking is not permitted along edges, grass or anywhere that is not designated as a space.

*  Some other parking options;

  • Parallel parking spaces along Innisfil Beach Road – West of the 25th SDR
  • Some side streets permit parking. Be aware of no parking signs, parking to close to an intersection, fire hydrant or driveway.  

Q. I am a resident and I received a ticket why?

A. Residents still must abide by all park rules, including not parking on the grass (where not authorized) and only parking in designated spaces.

Q. I am a resident and received a ticket, but I don’t have a parking pass yet, what can I do?

A. If the infraction on the parking ticket is number 2 (Fail to display resident permit),  residents can submit a Request for a Parking Infraction Review . On the first offence parking tickets will be cancelled and a parking permit will be issued.

If a parking ticket states Park on Municipal Property Where Prohibited, you have parked in a location not permitted. Payment or permits are not accepted in areas where parking is not permitted.