New Curbside Collection Changes

The County of Simcoe is changing curbside waste collections to bring consistency and predictability back to pick-up schedules and support the growth of the County’s green bin program.

Starting February 3, 2020, garbage and recycling collection will occur on alternating weeks, while green bin collection will continue every week. During the week of February 3 to 7, residents will receive garbage and green bin collection only. The following week (February 10 to 14), residents will receive recycling and green bin collection only. Collections will alternate on this schedule moving forward.

What this means starting February 3, 2020:

• No change to your regular collection day. Collection times will change, so have your materials out by 7 a.m. on your collection day
• Green bin collection will continue to occur every week
• Garbage and recycling collection will alternate every other week (one week garbage the next week recycling)
• Residents can set out two bags/containers of garbage every other week (weight and size restrictions still apply)
• Recycling no longer needs to be separated into different bins. Materials will be sorted later in the process
• Excess recyclables can be placed in bins, cardboard boxes or see-through plastic bags
The County is hopeful this change will address the labour challenges experienced by its waste collection contractor throughout 2019 by reducing the number of collection vehicles required each day. This change will also support the environment and encourage residents to positively adjust their waste habits.

Benefits to the environment and service levels:

This change to collection frequency of some materials will support the environment by growing our green bin program, encourage a reduction in single-use materials, and help to lower emissions with fewer trucks on the road each day. It will also help restore consistency to our collection service by addressing past labour issues experienced by our contractor and allow the County to better manage long-term contractual costs, which are rising throughout the waste management industry.

To provide convenience to residents, recycling materials can now be mixed together into bins, see-through plastic bags or cardboard boxes, and no longer need to be separated. This is called single-stream recycling, and sorting of materials will occur later in the process.

This new alternating schedule, combined with the move to single-stream recycling, allows the County to run one truck to each household on collection days instead of two in the previous program. Each truck has two compartments, so the two streams of materials set out each week will remain separated and processed appropriately.

New schedule at a glance:
• February 3 to 7: garbage and green bin collection
• February 10 to 14: recycling and green bin collection
• February 17 to 21: garbage and green bin collection
• February 24 to 28: recycling and green bin collection
• Collections rotate on this alternating schedule moving forward

The County recognizes that this is a significant change for residents. For more information on how the County is helping households manage this transition, visit or call 1-800-263-3199.