Municipal Heritage Register

Innisfil’s Municipal Heritage Register

The Municipal Heritage Register is a publicly accessible list of properties that have been identified as being historically important to the community. It includes designated buildings or properties and can also include non-designated buildings or properties that are deemed to be historically significant. It is an important tool to help a municipality monitor its cultural heritage resources and plan for their conservation. Every municipality in Ontario, under Section 27 of the Ontario Heritage Act, is required to maintain a Municipal Register that lists all formally designated heritage properties.

Innisfil’s Listed Properties

Prior to 2005, only designated heritage properties were recorded on the Register. In 2005, the Ontario Heritage Act was amended to allow properties that have not been designated, but that a municipal council believes to be of cultural heritage value or interest, to be “listed” on the Register.

A property is listed on the Heritage Register through an adopted resolution of Council (on the advice of the Heritage Committee and in consultation with the property owners) if it is determined that the property meets specific criteria relating to a property’s historical or cultural value.  

Once a property has been listed on the Register, property owners are required to give the Town 60 days notice of any intention to demolish or remove a building or structure on the property.  There are no further obligations placed on the owner.  The Town may review any development and/or building applications that will affect these properties. A property listed on the Heritage Register may be suggested for designation, but not without meeting specific criteria and full consultation with the property owner(s).

Innisfil’s Designated Properties

Designation means a legal status placed on a property by municipal by-law and gives Town Council the legal authority to refuse an application that will adversely affect the property’s heritage attributes. Designation of eligible properties helps to ensure the protection of these properties so that future generations are able to recognize, appreciate, and study them as symbols of Innisfil’s history and civic pride.  To date, there are four designated properties