Municipal Clearance FAQ

What is Municipal Clearance?

New or existing businesses applying to the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) for their liquor license, must have Building and Fire inspections and approvals.  Once completed, The Clerk’s office will submit the completed application to the AGCO. Applicants must submit a complete set of forms to the Town. 

Where do I find the application for Municipal Clearance?

The package is available on the AGCO website.


What constitutes a complete application?

· Municipal Clearance Forms – “Agency Letter of Approval” Form (one for each department to complete)

The AGCO provides a template form of approval letter to be used by municipal officials; however, some municipal agencies prefer to use their own letterhead.  Whatever the case, these letters must be signed and dated by the appropriate official.

· Notice of Application (Clerk) – “Municipal Information” Form

· Health Unit Approval – “Agency Letter of Approval” or other sufficient compliance letter

· Drawing (site plan that includes licensed area, seating (including how many), washrooms (location and number), and the maximum number of staff that will be on duty on any shift.

What are the fees?

Fees are payable with application submission and in accordance with the current Fees & Charges By-law.