Property Damage Claims

If you believe that the Town and/or InnServices have been negligent in its maintenance of facilities, roads, trees and sewers, and that you have suffered bodily injury or damage to your property as a result, you can submit a Damage Claim Inquiry Form to Customer Service.

Any damage to your property can be upsetting and disruptive. However, it’s important to know that the Town of Innisfil is not your insurer.

If you have auto or property insurance, we suggest you consult your insurance company or broker first, for advice on how to deal with your loss. Your insurance coverage may be more extensive than what you can recover from the Town (any payments made by the Town in the event of a finding of liability consider current value, not replacement value). In emergent situations, such as with flooding and or similar damage, it is also prudent to contact your insurer immediately, since any claim against the Town would have to first be investigated before any determination of coverage can be made. Such investigation takes time, during which your home insurer could already be undertaking needed repairs.  If your insurer believes the Town is responsible for your damages, they may seek compensation against the Town on your behalf.

You can either file your Damage Claim Inquiry Form online through this portal, or by contacting customer service. You are encouraged to submit your claim as soon as possible. If your claim relates to the condition of the Town’s roads or sidewalks, you are required to submit your claim within 10 days of the incident.

Please make sure to include the following with your Damage Claim Inquiry Form:

  • Your name, address, phone number and email address;
  • The date and location of the accident that caused the alleged property damage or injury;
  • A brief description of what happened;
  • A brief description of why you think the Town or InnServices is responsible;
  • A description of your property damage or injury;
  • An estimate of the current value and replacement value of any physical property damage;
  • Photos, receipts, invoices, etc. to support your Damage Claim Inquiry;
  • If you reported this accident to the Town, please provide the names of staff involved.

Your Damage Claim Inquiry will not be investigated until your form is complete, and the information above has been submitted.

Damage Claim Inquiry Form

The Town’s Legal Department and/or the Town’s insurance adjuster will conduct an investigation after receipt of a completed Property Damage Claim Inquiry Form. The purpose of the investigation is to determine whether or not the Town is responsible for your loss. As you can understand, the Town owes an obligation to all residents to only pay for losses for which it is legally responsible.

The investigation consists of gathering information from internal and external sources, as required. You may also be asked to provide information to assist in the investigation. Our review of records and information will assist us in determining whether the Town complied with its obligations of reasonable maintenance, response time and installation standards. Our review may also include reference to Environment Canada weather records to track temperatures and precipitation, as well as information about contractors or third parties that may have been carrying out work at or near the incident.

If our investigation discloses that the Town has not met the applicable standards, we will reach out to you in an effort to resolve your claim. Please keep in mind that property damage claims typically take 90 days to resolve. In cases of more extreme storm events where the Town may receive a higher volume of claims, our investigation may take longer than 90 days.

If our investigation discloses that the Town has met the applicable standards, the Town has a defensible position and your claim will be denied. The reasons for denial will be outlined in a letter to you. If you wish to pursue your claim after being denied compensation, your next option would be to proceed with legal action.

When you submit your claim to your home insurer, your home insurer assumes your rights to pursue reimbursement from whomever may be ultimately responsible. If the Town receives a claim from your home insurer, the Town’s insurer will want to complete a full investigation into causation prior to making any determination. If the Town is found by its insurer to have been responsible, they will reimburse your insurer for the amount paid out to you, plus your deductible, which will then be reimbursed to you.

You are welcome to contact Customer Service to complete a Property Damage Claim Inquiry Form. You will need to provide proof of the value of the contents for which you are claiming. Your Property Damage Claim Inquiry will then be reviewed by the Town’s Legal Department. Given the nature of this event, in particular, the Town’s Legal Department will likely want to involve the Town’s insurer.

The Town’s Legal Department and/or the Town’s insurer will then complete an investigation into the cause of the sewage backups prior to making any determination on reimbursement. That investigation may take some time as the issues involved are quite complex, so although we understand the significance of your loss, we cannot provide any guarantee on the turnaround times for any determination of your Claim Inquiry, but we will undertake to ensure that our investigation is full and fair.