Lots & Lines

How close to the lot line can I build?

Each zone has specific setbacks that must be adhered to. A setback is simply the distance a building or structure must be located from a lot line. You can check the Zoning By-law to determine how the property is zoned, and the requirements for that zone, or contact Customer Service.

What is lot coverage?

Lot coverage is the combined area covered by all buildings on the lot and calculated as a percentage of the lot area. Decks are included within lot coverage. Each zone has its own maximum allowable percentage, which is outlined in the Zoning By-law.

How high can a building be?

Although there are different height restrictions for different zones, generally, the maximum height of a single family dwelling is 9 metres. The height is measured from the average point at grade to the midpoint of the roof. The specific height restrictions for each zone are outlined in the Zoning By-law.

On a corner lot, where is the frontage?

Regardless of which way your home is oriented on a lot, the front lot line is determined as being the shorter of the two lot lines which abut the two streets. For clarification, you should check the Zoning By-law definitions section.

On a lakefront property, where is the front lot line?

The front lot line would normally be the line that divides the lot from the street.