The Town of Innisfil’s Parking By-Law enforces parking regulations to improve road safety, allow emergency vehicle access and ensure traffic flow. Our Community Standards Officers are responsible for enforcing municipal parking by-laws.

Winter parking

Overnight parking from 12 a.m. to 7 a.m. is prohibited on Innisfil’s roads from November 1 to May 1. This helps make sure that our plow trucks and other vehicles can quickly clear streets of snow the first time. If you park on the street during these times, you could face a fine of $35, or $50 when the fine is not paid within seven days.

Overnight winter lots

For this winter, we’ve decided to discontinue the use of any mobile payment/booking platform (including Rover and SpotHero). The following community parking lots will continue to be maintained through the winter and our community standards officers will not be issuing fines:

  • Quarry Road Park 
  • Lormel Gate Avenue Park
  • Huron Court Park 

We encourage people to use these overnight lots to keep vehicles off the roads during winter maintenance.

Parking restrictions

When parking near an intersection, ensure sightlines are not obstructed. Vehicles parked too close to an intersection present a safety risk to other vehicles and pedestrians. A “No Stopping” sign indicates that you may not stop your vehicle, even momentarily, to pick up or drop off a passenger. Keep the following parking rules in mind, among others:

No Parking

  • Within 9 metres of an intersection or fire hydrant
  • Within 1 metre of a laneway or driveway
  • Where prohibited by signage

Do Not Park

  • To impede or obstruct the flow of traffic
  • Facing the wrong way
  • To interfere with the clearing of snow or ice

School zone parking

See below maps for restrictions around various school zones:

Pay a ticket

You can pay for your parking ticket…

  • Online using VISA or MasterCard
  • In-person at Town Hall using cash, cheque or debit or by cheque
  • By mail with a cheque to: Innisfil Town Hall,  2101 Innisfil Beach Road, Innisfil ON L9S 1A1

Learn more about parking tickets and ticket reviews