Snow Removal

Just in time for winter, a new online tool has arrived to help connect volunteers with those needing snow removal assistance right here in Innisfil. Snow Angels Canada is a free national platform connecting neighbours in need to neighbours who want to volunteer.  Residents who need help with snow shoveling can post a request for service, and volunteers who are ready to shovel can sign in and search for people nearby to help.
Although the Town does not own or operate this new online platform, Snow Angels Canada will make it easier for residents to connect with each other not only to make our streets and neighbourhoods a little less snowy, but also a bit kinder – and kindness is something we could all use a bit more of these days! To request assistance with snow clearing or register as a volunteer, please visit

About Snow Angels Canada

The Snow Angels Canada platform originated with a Snow Angels program created in London as a community tool to connect neighbours and neighbourhoods. The Town of Innisfil is the third municipality within Simcoe County to use this platform, joining the City of Barrie and the Town of Wasaga Beach.

Want to know whether your road or sidewalk has been cleared yet? Stay up to date by following our new Snowplow Tracker.   Our map shows which roads and sidewalks have been cleared within the 12 hours so you can follow our progress and plan your day. Please keep in mind that the Snowplow Tracker may not be 100% accurate at times because of technical challenges and is meant to be used as an information tool only.

Snow removal is everyone’s responsibility. The Town has legislated requirements for snow removal which are set out in the Municipal Act and we make every effort to provide residents with services that exceed those minimum requirements. However, snow removal is a community effort to ensure safe passage for all motorists and pedestrians on our roadways and sidewalks. Please read the following information regarding our commitment to clearing municipal roadways as well as resident’s responsibilities for snow clearing. You can also check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Our Commitment to Clearing Your Roads

Our Operations team is dedicated to providing the best quality snow clearing service to residents, business owners and visitors alike. The Province of Ontario has put in place aset of maintenance standards   that provide a baseline for our snow clearing and roads maintenance activities, and it’s our mission to meet or exceed them. While we do our very best to provide the best possible level of customer service, it’s important to remember that various weather conditions and other circumstances can affect our snow clearing activities.

Levels of Service

The time it takes for a snow plow to clear your road and sidewalk depends on where you’re located. Within the Town of Innisfil we have 383 km of roadway to maintain. All roads in Innisfil are prioritized into specific categories to make sure we tackle our most-traveled and busiest areas first. While it is our mission to clear all roads in the Town within 24 hours, our first priority is clearing the Main Arterial Roads so that emergency services like Police, Fire and Paramedics can do their job.

The average plow route takes 8hrs to clear, and depending on the amount of snow accumulated from a snow event, it can take an additional 6-8 hours to clear roadways after snow has stopped falling. Crews often begin plowing very early in the morning due to accumulation or to prepare the roads for the morning commute.

As often as possible, our snow clearing crews make a second pass through routes to see if any areas need touch-ups. We do this so we can address roads that weren’t cleared the first time due to parked cars, accumulated slush, or because the lane may not have been cleared wide enough the first time. This second pass ensures our roads are left in the clearest possible state, just in case we receive more snow.

Our Council approved policies that layout the levels of servicefor snow removal and the prioritization of roadways are available below.

Use of Salt and Other Materials

The Town uses salt on our main roads and a pickled sand on secondary routes. When we apply materials to a roadway is a complex decision based on current and expected weather, accumulation, road condition, time of day, and recent material use.

For example, salt becomes ineffective between -13 to -15 degrees. If salt is placed on the road during the day and melting occurs shortly before the temperature is expected to drop below -15 degrees, the partially melted snow could turn to ice and create more hazardous conditions.

We also must take into consideration environmental concerns. Salt and sand that enters our ditches and storm water infrastructure may have significant impacts on our lake and waterways. Safety is always our main priority, but we do need to find balance with our responsibility to environmental sustainability.

Resident’s Responsibilities

  • Follow the overnight parking restrictions that prohibits parking on the road from November 1 to May 1 (12:00 am to 7:00 am) every year
  • Do not push snow onto the roadway. This is a violation of the Highway Traffic Act and could have serious consequences
  • Make it safe for everyone:
    • Always wear proper boots to make sure you don’t slip and fall when you’re walking or clearing snow
    • When driving, avoid splashing slush and water onto sidewalks which could quickly freeze
    • Slow down on roadways
    • Don’t allow children to play in snow banks
    • Assist with the clearing of fire hydrants and catch basins
    • Avoid driving on the road during major snow storms
    • Consider helping a neighbour or friend with snow removal if they are unable to do so
  • On waste collection days make sure all items including your garbage, recycling and organic bins are placed at least 4 to 6 feet from the end of your driveway behind your curb

Parking, Roadways & Sidewalks

We need your help as we work to keep our roadways and sidewalks and sewers clear throughout winter. Please remember that parked vehicles are prohibited from interfering with snow removal operations. Residents are asked to make sure that vehicles parked in driveways do not hang over sidewalks or roadways in even the smallest amount. Keeping vehicles off roadways and sidewalks is critical for our crews to complete snow clearing operations under difficult winter conditions. Vehicles obstructing winter operations will be subject to the full penalties outlined in the bylaw.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation as we all look forward to the arrival of spring.