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About InnPower

InnPower, formerly Innisfil Hydro, is an electrical utility company that is owned by the Town of Innisfil. Its board of directors, which includes the Mayor of Innisfil and its CAO, reports to Council on a regular basis. The Town of Innisfil, Council and residents are recognized as shareholders of InnPower – in other words, it belongs to you! Every dollar collected on behalf of InnPower is invested back into the community.

InnPower originally served the Village of Cookstown starting in 1917, until it amalgamated with the Town of Innisfil in 1991, and began expanding its coverage to the new boundaries that took effect two years later.

Today InnPower serves nearly 18,000 customers in Innisfil and southern parts of Barrie, providing electricity to homes, businesses and industries.

Investing in Innisfil

InnPower is one of the fastest growing electrical utilities in Ontario. Over the past two years InnPower has added over 1,300 new customers and invested approximately $9M in new electricity infrastructure in our community.

Helping customers understand how their hydro bill is calculated is important to the local energy experts at InnPower. The illustration below shows the approximate breakdown of spending of each dollar on your hydro bill.

When you pay $1 to InnPower, approximately:

  • 49¢ goes to the province to pay for the cost of electricity;
  • 19¢ goes to the province to pay for getting electricity to our community (also known as transmission);
  • 32¢ stays with InnPower.

This is how we invest those 32¢:

  • 29% or 9¢ is used for administration
  • 26% or 8¢ is used for capital upgrades
  • 24% or 7¢ is used for capital depreciation
  • 12% or 4¢ is used for operations
  • 5% or 2¢ is used for local line maintenance
  • 2% or 1¢ is used for local and provincial taxes
  • 2% or 1¢ is used for regulatory costs

Since 2001 InnPower has given the Town of Innisfil over $6.1M in dividends that has supported local infrastructure and reduced pressure on property tax increases. While InnPower is currently going through a phase of reinvestment with our revenues, we know that these upgrades will pay off in the long run for homeowners, business and the Municipality of Innisfil.