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Water & Wastewater Master Servicing Plan

In 2017, InnServices will update the Town-wide Water and Wastewater Master Servicing Plan, which was first completed in 2012. The plan was developed in accordance with the service area defined by the Town of Innisfil Official Plan, including OPA Amendment #1, the 6th Line Campus Node, and the industrial/commercial area located at the intersection of Highway 400 and 89.

The purpose of the Water and Wastewater Master Servicing Plan is to identify long term servicing strategies for water and wastewater servicing within the Town of Innisfil to the year 2031.

Some key aspects of the scope of work for the Master Plan include:

  • Establishing key design parameters to size water and wastewater infrastructure
  • Identifying future water and wastewater infrastructure requirements
  • Evaluating proposed servicing alternatives
  • Preparing cost estimates for the preferred infrastructure servicing alternatives
  • Preparing a phasing plan for implementing the infrastructure works

2018 Update - Notices and Documents

2018-09-13 – Revision to Notice of Study Completion

2018-07-13 – Innisfil Master Servicing Plan Update – Final Draft

2018-07-13 - Notice of Study Completion

2018-03-06 - Notice of Public Information Centre No. 2

2018-03-22 - Public Info Centre #2 Display Boards

2018-03-22 - Public Info Centre #2 Presentation Slides

2018-03-22 - Public Info Centre #2 Comment Sheet

2017 Update - Notices and Documents

2017-04-28 - Notice of Study Commencement

2017-10-27 - Notice of Public Information Centre No. 1

Public Information Centre # 1 Display Boards

Public Information Centre #1 Presentation Slides

Public Information Centre #1 Comment Sheet

2012 Report and Appendices

Town-Wide Water and Wastewater Master Servicing Plan (2012)

Appendix A - Peak Inflow and Infiltration Calculations

Appendix B - Water and Wastewater Demand Calculations

Appendix C - Cookstown TM

Appendix D - Recommended W/WW Servicing Networks

Appendix E - Cost Tables

Appendix F - Purple Pipe Calculations

Appendix G - Public Consultation (Part 1)

Appendix G - Public Consultation (Part 2)

Appendix G - Public Consultation (Part 3)

Appendix G - Public Consultation (Part 4)

Appendix G - Public Consultation (Part 5)

Appendix G - Public Consultation (Part 6)

Appendix H - Public Consultation Servicing from Other Municipalities

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