Licensed Areas & Liquor Service

All events serving alcoholic beverages held on/in Town facilities and Town property must adhere to the Municipal Alcohol Policy, the Liquor Act of Ontario  and Regulations of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario .

Applying for a Special Occasion Permit

An Application for a Special Occasion Permit is to be submitted directly to the LCBO.  Applications are available at local LCBO locations.  More information from the application can be obtained through the LCBO website .

Road Closures & Road Blockages

Organizers must submit an Application for a Road Occupation Permit (ROP) for events, proposing that a road be closed or blocked, such as, walk-a-thons, relays, street festivals, running events, street tournaments, block parties, etc.  If you plan to close or block a road, please fill out an Application for a Road Occupation Permit (ROP).

The event organizer must also provide information on traffic control and detours for use by police, emergency services to the Roads Department.


Road closures or blockages require the approval of the Roads Department, Fire Department and South Simcoe Police prior to being submitted to Town Council for final approval.  Approval is obtained through these departments by submitting an Application for a Road Occupation Permit (ROP).


There are fees associated with the closure of roads within the Town of Innisfil.  The fee must be paid at the time the Application or a Road Occupation Permit (ROP) is submitted.  if an event is not approved, the fee will be reimbursed.  Any other type of cancellation will result in loss of fee payment.

Fees are subject to change without notice.  Information on any application fees can be obtained from Customer Service.

Barricades and Signage

It is the responsibility of the event organizer to obtain/use/maintain the appropriate signage and set up barricades/signs when the road closure goes into effect and to do so according to the process and protocol outlined in the Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7 .

Notice to Affected Residents/Businesses

Organizers will be required to provide written notice to residents and business owners that may be affected by the road closure and blockage in advance of the event.  The notice should indicate when the road closure will be in effect and when the road will reopen for regular use.  The notice needs to be provided to residents and business owners within 120 meters of the affected area.

The event organizer will need to provide advance notice to motoring/pedestrian public by use of signage indicating times of closure and reason for closure.

The Roads Department will send road closure notices to emergency services and effected departments/agencies.  Information will be gathered from the ROP.

County and Ontario Roads

The Town of Innisfil does not govern roads owned and maintained by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, the County of Simcoe or adjacent municipalities.  If an event involves the closure or blockage of roads controlled by other jurisdictions, the event organizer will need to contact them directly to learn more about their approval process and to obtain any required approvals.

County of Simcoe
Transportation and Engineering Department
1110 Hwy # 26
Midhurst, Ontario  L0L 1X0
Phone: 705-736-6901

Ministry of Transportation
Central Region Office
1201 Wilson Avenue
Building D, 2nd Floor
Downsview, Ontario  M3M 1J8
Phone: 416-235-5412


For events that include a parade, an Application for an ROP will need to be submitted and the road closure/blockage process followed.  Customer Service will contact the Road Department, South Simcoe Police and Fire Department regarding the proposed parade and provide them with a copy of the Application for review and comments prior to submitting it to Town Council for approval.

Road Closure Map

The event organizer must submit a map with the proposed routes to the Facility Coordinator.  This map will be sent to the Roads Department, and Fire Department for review and comment and a final map will be submitted to Council as part of any request for a road closure.  If any subsequent changes are made to the route or area to be closed to traffic, the organizer needs to contact Customer Service immediately, as changes to the map, may result in the ROP being considered void and it impacts external and internal service groups that are part of the Town’s road closure notification system.

South Simcoe Police

Those wishing to hold a parade or close/block traffic are required to fill out a South Simcoe Police Parade Waiver and Parade Application.  These forms are required by the South Simcoe Police to arrange policing and traffic monitoring for events involving road closures/blockages.  The forms are to be submitted directly to the South Simcoe Police. 

Waste & Environmental Management


Several of the Town’s parks and properties feature washroom buildings or facilities that may be used by event participants.  If access to public washrooms is required for an event, please check the applicable box on the Special Event Planning Form or indicate to Facilities staff when booking the space.  Some washrooms are not available for public use after Thanksgiving weekend to mid-May, so please check with the Facility Coordinator to confirm if the washrooms will be available for the event.

It is the responsibility of the event organizers to provide an adequate number of washrooms for the anticipated event patrons.  The rental of portable toilets is recommended.  Please see chart below to determine how many washrooms are required based on the anticipated attendance for an event according to the Ontario Building Code.  Where possible, portable toilets should be secured to ensure they will not tip over.

Number of Event ParticipantsNumber of Washrooms Stalls and/or Portable Toilets
50 to 1502
151 to 2503
251 to 3754
376 to 5005
Over 5006 plus 1 each additional increment of 150 persons

Portable toilets must be accompanied by portable hand washing units and/or hand sanitizer dispensers.  For every four (4) portable toilets one (1) hand washing unit or four (4) hand sanitizing units are required.

Please ensure that adequate waste receptacles are located in the area where the portable toilets are located.

Portable Washrooms for Alcohol Licensed Areas

Portable washrooms and hand washing stations are required within the fenced in area of the beverage area which are in addition to those located outside of the licensed area for the rest of the general public at the event:

Capacity of Licensed AreaNumber of Washroom Stalls and/or Portable Toilets
Up to 1004
100 to 2006
200 to 50010
500 to 100012 minimum
More than 1000Please speak to Customer Service

Waste Removal

It is responsibility of the event organizer to respect Town property by maintaining a clean and garbage-free event and by returning the event space to its original state immediately following the event.  This includes removing any items used for event setup including cable ties, ropes, securing items, fencing, posts and stakes.

The Town of Innisfil provides waste receptacles on most Town property locations; however events requiring additional garbage cans and recycling containers are required to contact a waste disposal company to dispose of any waste from the event.

Environmental Management

Event organizers must make arrangements for the recycling of bottles, plastic, cardboard, paper and other recyclables.  Event organizers are not allowed to leave recycling or bundles of paper/cardboard on Town property. 

Post-Event Clean Up Timeline

The Town of Innisfil strives to maintain the cleanliness of Town property for future generations to enjoy.  For small-scale events, the site must be cleared immediately following the event.  For large events and festivals, the Town may approve a longer clean-up timeline.  Please provide clean up timelines on the Special Event Planning Application Form.