Innisfil Youth Connex Committee

If you are interested in joining Innisfil’ s Youth Connex Committee please reach out to Jodi Longland 


To provide communication and link between Innisfil Youth, Town Council along with local community partners. This committee will promote youth initiatives and programs which enhance the quality of life, health and well-being of all youth in our community.


The mandate of the Youth Connex Committee (YCC) is to:

  • Act in a champion role and provide advice on issues of concern to youth;
  • Provide new ideas and views to Town Council and Staff which are important to youth;
  • Plan, coordinate, and assist in promotion of youth events and projects for Innisfil’s Youth (i.e. Youth Summit during Local Government Week); and
  • Encourage youth participation in generating ideas for overall improvements in the Town.

Goals and Objectives

Based on the mandate and purpose, the YCC shall create priorities during the school year and develop a timeline with which to focus its attention.

The YCC will:

  • Keep Council & the Community informed of important matters affecting youth, host workshops/forums, conduct surveys, invite discussions to address priorities/ concerns and needs that affect youth;
  • Act as a positive youth champion and play a leadership role in the community;
  • Support events staged by the  YCC that relate to the mandate; and
  • Enhance the image of Innisfil Youth and contribute to the overall well-being of the community.

Youth Connex Committee

The YCC shall be made up students who are enrolled in Grades Eight through Twelve, with support from Council, Staff Liaisons and community partners. Applications to the committee will be accepted in November. 

Applications are open to any youth that resides in Innisfil.

Non-Youth Members:

  • Council may choose to attend the committee meetings
  • Staff Liaisons which may include staff member from the Leisure Services department.
  • Community Partners: YMCA Member


The YCC is an eight month (November – June) commitment. YCC champions may reapply as many years are they wish, returning youth champions will provide continuity, facilitate growth, and increase potential impact of the YCC on the community. By becoming an YCC champion, youth will gain valuable leadership skills and community pride, along with gaining community involvement hours which are required for graduation.

Meeting Times and Locations

Meetings of the YCC will be held on the second Thursday of each month at 4:15pm.  Meeting locations may rotate between various locations and will be determined and set out by the committee.  Times and location may be adjusted as required by the youth.


Goals, Agenda and Timeframes should be established at the beginning of each meeting;

A Round Table discussion may take place and can  provide each member an opportunity for an idea exchange or thought; and

Meeting notes are recorded by the YCC Secretary and posted online and emailed for champions and the community to view.


There are a number of roles that will be carried out in the YCC. The roles will be decided upon by the chosen YCC champions. Some roles may include: Co-Chairs, Note Taker, and Social Media Coordinator. YCC champions

Responsibility Co-Chairs

  •  The YCC may appoint Co-Chairs from amongst its champions. The Co-Chairs shall be responsible for conducting the meetings of the YCC.
  • Create agendas for the  YCC meetings with the assistance of the Staff Liaison(s);
  • Motivate youth champions  and recognize each members contribution to the  YCC;
  • Work with the YCC to assign appropriate tasks or responsibilities to individual YCC champions;
  • Represent the YCC at  functions or other meetings;
  • Lead workshops/public meetings, as required, with the assistance of the Staff Liaison if required.    

Responsibility of Note Taker

  • Record meeting notes for YCC meetings and post online;
  • Ensure YCC meeting summaries are accurate to the outcomes of the meetings;
  • Record names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of YCC members to be retained as confidential;
  • Record meeting attendance of YCC champions;
  • Record attendance of YCC  at events;
  • Advise the Co-Chairs and the Staff Liaison of YCC  champions who have missed three (3) meetings; and
  • Send reminders for regular monthly meetings along with the set agenda set by Co-Chairs and/or Note Taker.

Responsibility of Social Media Coordinator

  • Keep a photographic record of events, meetings and socials;
  • Provide photos for use in social media and the YCC web pages;
  • Develop inform the public about YCC events and initiatives; and
  • Develop announcements, advertisements, flyers/posters, and attend events as required.

Responsibilities of All YCC Champions

  • Attend meetings on a regular basis;
  • Participate in YCC meetings, projects or events; play an integral role to the YCC by actively participating and contributing to projects/special events coordinated by the YCC;
  • Notify the Co-Chairs of the YCC and the Staff Liaison if unable to attend a scheduled meeting or event; and
  • Propose projects and plans designed to assist in the fulfillment of the YCC Mandate.

         Benefits to joining the YCC:

  • Participation can count towards volunteer community involvement hours;
  • Meet new friends;
  • Add the YCC to your resume;
  • Show your pride and commitment to your community.

For more information please contact Jodi Longland @  or by phone 705-436-3740 ext.4310

Youth Connex Committee Member Application Form.