Innisfil Beach Park FAQ

Innisfil Beach Park

Innisfil Beach Park provides access to Lake Simcoe for swimming, boating, fishing and winter recreation.  We want to make sure everyone knows the rules and has a fun, safe visit to the park. 

Open every day 6 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Bathrooms are opened and closed daily.

Innisfil Beach Park covers 27.6 hectares (68 acres) and has 489 parking spaces available. The park could welcome many visitors however due to COVID, restrictions are in place to allow a limited number of guests enter for safe physical distancing. This is monitored to allow for a fun and safe environment for our community.

The park remains open to all visitors. Non-residents are not permitted to enter the park in their vehicles, parking within the park is for residents only. Signage is in place and staff are checking for park passes or asking those entering for identification. Walk-ins are permitted although parking restrictions are in place.

Under normal circumstances park closures are determined by the number of vehicles entering the park. In light of the current situation with COVID-19, the decision to close is based on the community’s ability to maintain physical distancing.

To help protect both visitors and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, Innisfil Beach Park allows parking for resident-use only. Resident Parking Pass allows residents to park for FREE at any marked Town Parking Lot – Innisfil Beach Park (8th Line), 10th Line Beach, Mapleview Drive Park (12th Line), Big Bay Point Dock (30th Sideroad), Guest Road Lot, and Shore Acres/Neilly Road Lot.
The Town of Innisfil’s Community Development Standards Branch Officers (By-Law Officers) will tow illegally-parked vehicles. See the COVID-19 Parking Fines By-law for details.
Avoid a Ticket – Look for signs and read them carefully. 

There is no statute of law currently prohibiting a property owner from renting a legal parking space they own in Innisfil. At this time the approach by Innisfil Bylaw is if a complaint is made that a property owner is renting a parking space in and around Innisfil Beach Park, Bylaw would speak with the homeowner and advise them of the risks to the community in regards to public health and to help minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Formal relationship with Rover has ended. Please see our Staff Report DSR-082-20 presented to council on June 3, 2020.

Barbecues and/or any other similar equipment used for outdoor cooking will not be permitted in any areas of Innisfil Beach Park until further notice. This measure will help free up town resources to enforce other measures at the park. Under our Parks By-law, the use of barbecues, camp stoves, cookers, or smokers in parklands is not permitted unless designated.  

Consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the park.

Fireworks are not permitted at Innisfil Beach Park at any time.

  • Tents are allowed if they are no larger than 10 x 10 feet and fit within the circle area on the grass. Setting up tents on the beach is not permitted.
  • The interior of the tent must be visible from the outside.
  • Screened tents are allowed and must fit within the circle area on the grass. Setting up tents on the beach is not permitted.
  • Portable toilets or containment vessels are not allowed.

Dogs are temporarily permitted at Innisfil Beach Park on weekends and statutory holidays during the park’s operational hours. Dogs must be leashed at all times, and are not permitted on beaches/sports fields or within 15 metres of the water’s edge. 

Find our detailed Budget Review below, including revenue generation has been presented to the IBP AdHoc committee and is approved by council in the annual operating budget.

Legal advice has been received. Although the Town has authority under the Municipal Act to enact a by-law preventing access to Town parks and beaches by non-residents, there are a number of legal risks and challenges with respect to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Currently access to the park is not restricted to residents only, access to parking is resident only. Park visitors that are inside the park on foot will not be asked for ID for the sole purpose of determining access to the park. For the purposes of enforcing emergency orders, by-law officers have been given the power to ask for identification if they have reasonable and probable grounds to believe that an individual has committed an offence under Section 7.0.11 the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (See O.Reg. 114/20). This section addresses physical distancing requirements and limits on the size of social gatherings.

Innisfil Beach Park is town owned land, and expenses are funded through municipal property taxes; parking revenues offset the expenses.

The current measures in place are evaluated weekly and the decision to leave these in place or retract these measures is based on several factors including direction from the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) which is the municipal group essential to the process of providing direction and coordination of emergency response and recovery operations, and/or Council and advice from the SMDHU.